In Omsk found 40 cats gnawed body of their master

In Omsk, found the body of a pensioner which Jezebel lived his cats. On Friday, August 11, reported on the portal

The old man lived alone in a private house, kept himself to himself. Thus it contained about 40 cats. According to the portal, most of the time the pensioner spent in the yard, sometimes we go to the store.

He was last seen in early July. “Concerned neighbors reported quarterly earnings that the pensioner does not appear either in the street or in a store. All together walked about the house, but nothing strange had not noticed”, — says the publication. As a result, the residents called the police, and on 10 August the guards entered the house.

The room was discovered the body of a man. Left without feed cats devoured the corpse, and then, presumably, began to eat each other. It is noted that only one survived pet.