The priest cursed named one of the most beautiful deputies of Chelyabinsk

Marina Karelina

The Deputy of the Chelyabinsk city Duma Marina Karelina told Facebook that its on the road swore at the priest.

“A priest in a cassock in front of the Department of culture, parked to bury someone (…), terribly late. Cursed worse than aunt Bazaar because I drove slowly down a narrow street,” said she, putting that the incident occurred on Friday, August 11.

According to the Deputy, the priest was a huge cross, he rode in a Volkswagen. “A jeep would he black. I chuckled to myself. Cool sur on Friday. The diversity of the world in full”, — said Karelin. calls it one of the most beautiful of deputies of the Chelyabinsk Duma. In April 2016, the Agency wrote that she battled colleagues came to the meeting with a deep neckline and shoes with gold heels.

Photo: Vadim Akhmetov /

Marina Karelina was born in July 1980 in Krasnodar Krai. Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow state University, specialty “state and municipal management”. He became a Deputy of the Chelyabinsk city Duma in 2014, the party member “United Russia”. Is the Director of the management company “Parkcity”. Married known Chelyabinsk businessman Alexander Karelin. Raising two children.

In 2016 in Novosibirsk there was a road conflict, which involved a defrocked priest. The fight was caught on video. The entry, in particular, recorded as dressed in a robe man beats motorist in the face and called him toadstool.