In the United States were hospitalized singer Sinead O’connor

In the United States were hospitalized singer Sinead O’connor

MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. Irish singer Sinead O’connor hospitalized in the U.S. after Facebook appeared in her video appeal for help and recognition of severe mental condition, reports the Daily Mail.

Earlier it was reported that O’connor turned to his friends with an emotional appeal, saying that suffer from serious mental disorders. In your account in Facebook 50-year-old singer posted a video that said that lives in the Motel of the U.S. state of new Jersey and “fighting for his life”. In addition, she feels lonely after she lost custody of 13-year-old son.

According to the newspaper, after the publication of the video fans of O’connor went to the Motel to offer her help, but the Scottish singer Annie Lennox began to look for her friends and relatives.

At the moment, O’connor is in the hospital in new Jersey, the newspaper said. Each singer wrote on her behalf to Facebook that she was “surrounded by love and gets the best help.”

O’connor, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in June last year denied reports that he jumped from the bridge attempt to commit suicide. A month before she went missing, not returning from a walk. Then the police found her during the day.

In 1990, o’connor received the prestigious music award “Grammy” for the album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got. Information about the breakdown of the singer appeared throughout her musical career, she also stated several times about leaving the music business.