Madame Tussaud began work on a new figure

Madame Tussaud began work on a new figure

The statue will join the “copies” of the least-known politicians, Angela Merkel and Donald trump.

Famous Museum Madame Tussauds has told about work on new exhibit — the wax sculpture of the Prime Minister of the UK Theresa may.

Publication from London Madame Tussauds (@madametussauds) Aug 1 2016 5:14 PDT

This is stated in the message published on the official website of the Museum on the social network Twitter. It is noted that the statue can be seen in London in 2017.

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Wax figure of Theresa may will join the “copies” of other equally well-known political figures, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President, Donald trump, reports The Guardian.

Unknown at this time how it will be dressed sculpture of the Prime Minister of great Britain, as the Museum keeps this information secret. However, representatives of the companies promise that to make an exact copy of the outfit from the extensive collection of clothes Theresa may.

Previously, “Practice” was informed that the conservatives want to dismiss the Prime Minister. The entry Madame Tussauds began work on a new figure appeared for the first time Practice.