“Never too late”: Taiki graduated in ‘ 91

“Never too late”: Taiki graduated in ‘ 91

91-year-old grandmother from Thailand received a bachelor’s degree after almost 20 years of study. Her life motto — “never too late to learn”. She told about it to the correspondent of the Thai service bi-Bi-si Waternet Thongtip.

Kimlan Jinakul always wanted to go to University, but at a young age that it was not.

However, many years later — after most of her own children received higher education, she decided to go to College, and on Wednesday she was awarded a long-awaited diploma.

Originally Kimlan of Lampang province in Northern Thailand. In childhood she was a diligent student and attended one of the best in the province schools.

However, to continue studying in the University at that time was impossible, and after her family moved to Bangkok, she got married and long abandoned dream of a higher education.

“Nevertheless, I always like to see at least my children have had the opportunity to learn. So I was encouraged and supported to behave in the University,” she said.

Four out of five of her children received masters degrees and one even defended her doctoral thesis in the United States.