The municipal filter in conformity with the Constitution and necessary, said Klishas


RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, Aug 7 — RIA Novosti. The municipal filter in conformity with the Constitution and necessary, so the existing mechanism can be further improved, but not cancelled, said RIA Novosti the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas.

Earlier, the Deputy head of the Russian CEC Nikolai Bulaev said that the need to amend the municipal filter is, this rule will be reviewed and discussed various options, but even the staunchest opponents of this mechanism understand that it is a sensible start. In turn, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova said that the CEC plans to discuss with experts the proposals for the adjustment of the municipal filter in August or early September.

“Municipal filter required, this mechanism is consistent with the Constitution and serves to increase political competition in the field, and strengthens and fills the real content of the constitutional principle of democracy… it is Possible that the existing mechanism is imperfect and can be improved in the future, but it must be aimed not at the abolition of the filter, and the consolidation trend of the strengthening of the political role of local governments, which must lead ultimately to the strengthening of their economic base,” said Klishas.

He stressed that the main task of the municipal filter is to ensure political competition and the public’s right to participate in management from the grass-roots level. That is why political parties, including parliamentary, he recalled, and it was proposed to conduct political activities and dialogue with the population from the level — municipal — which largely depends on the quality of human life. “The existing mechanism, the need to collect signatures of municipal deputies, is aimed primarily to stimulate all political forces that are really interested in solving the problems of the population and improve people’s lives, go to work, engage in political activities at the municipal level,” — said the head of the Committee.

Thus, according to Klishas, the political practice has shown that many political forces blamed the lack of interest in working at the municipal level.

“In the parliamentary party willing to nominate candidates to the bodies of state power, but reluctant to put forward candidates for the municipal elections,” stated the Senator. The work of the municipal filter, you can very well see, said Klishas, on the example of Moscow this year, where the opposition candidates are actively involved in the promotion of their programs for the purpose of electing municipal authorities. “This is exactly what was created the municipal filter is in the interests of both the public and authorities and, of course, political parties who are willing to go to the electorate with a real programme of action, which must be clear to the person”, — said the head of the Committee.