The French Parliament approved the law on ethics of political life

The French national Assembly approved the bill “About trust in politics”. For it gave their votes 412 deputies, against 74, abstentions — 63, reports TASS.

The legislative act represents the final part of the bill about the ethics of political and public life, voting for the first half of which was held in the National Assembly on August 3.

A package of two laws contain provisions that ensure the transparency and accountability of political institutions, the activities of Ministers and members of Parliament. It aims to create obstacles on the way of corruption and attempts of theft of public funds.

At the initiative of the government MPs refuse long existed a special parliamentary Fund in the amount of 136 million euros. Of his deputies were free to obtain for 130 thousand euros, and the senators — for 153 thousand euros to Finance various projects in their constituencies.

In turn, the deputies added the norm, depriving the government of a similar Fund. They, in particular, were widely used by politicians like former interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy.

According to the results held in June parliamentary elections, the party President Emmanuel Macron “Go Republic!” won. Its representatives have received 308 out of 577 seats in the lower house of the French Parliament, and a further 42 seats will go to members of the allied party MoDem (“Democratic movement”).