The media learned about it has got to the inhabitant of Finland sensitive information about the visit of Putin

Vladimir Putin

A teacher from the Finnish city of Oulu received an e-mail with confidential data on the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Monday, August 7, reports broadcasting company Yle with reference to the newspaper Iltalehti.

It is clarified that the letter was intended for internal use correspondence police about security measures during the visit. In particular, the text contains the exact time of arrival of the helicopter of Putin, also there was said about the movement of his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto.

Expert on public relations of the police of Eastern Finland Arto Tynkkynen confirmed newspaper: the message was received in the mail a civilian at 21:00, after approximately nine hours after the helicopter of the Russian President landed in the city of Savonlinna. That is Putin’s security was not threatened; at the time of receiving the e-mail presidents have played in the medieval castle of Olavinlinna.

“E-mail program Outlook so that every email address that ever sent messages are saved in the system. That is, in this case, it was not noticed that the message was sent as a civilian,” said Tynkkynen.

According to Yle, the incident led a typo of a law enforcement officer. The circumstances of the incident in detail. The chief of police of Eastern Finland said, according to the results of the audit may be changed means and methods of communication used in operations of this scale.

The Russian leader visited Finland on July 27. There took place negotiations between heads of the two States. They also attended the Opera “Iolanta” presented by the Bolshoi theatre within the framework of the international festival of Savonlinna. Putin’s visit was timed to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the state independence of Finland.