The opposition demanded the resignation of a sick Nigerian President

Mohammad Bukhari

In Nigeria, protesters took to the streets of the capital Abuja, demanding the return or the resignation of President Mohammad Bukhari, which may of this year, is being treated in London. On Monday, August 7, reports New Vision.

A few dozen people marched to the presidential Palace. “Come back or leave if Nigerians say that they’ve had enough, is enough” — leads edition the words of one of the demonstrators.

“If President Buhari within 90 days will not come back to Nigeria, then he needs to leave his post and go home,” said another activist. “Bukhari, where are you? Nigerians want full disclosure. What is wrong with our President?” stated another protester.

74-year-old Bukhari went to the British capital on 7 may, handing power to Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo.

In 2015, the opposition representatives reported that the head of state prostate cancer. However, the President himself denies this information.