In the US, a four year old boy was shot in the head because of a traffic conflict

In the us city of Cleveland (Ohio) four-year-old boy received a gunshot wound to the head as a result of road conflict. It is reported by NBC4I.

According to the mother of the child she was carrying in his car the kid on the streets of the city and gave a signal to another vehicle, hindering the passage. There were two men who began to chase the car of the woman and opened fire on it.

The woman called an ambulance, the child was taken to a nearby hospital where he was operated on.

At the scene police found a spent shell casing and broken windshields.

December 19, 2016 in the U.S. state of Arkansas three-year-old boy was shot due to the fact that his grandmother is too slow was driving. Unidentified man protested that the woman was very slow when moving through a section of road that had a Stop sign. He opened fire on the car and fled. The woman was not injured, but her three year old grandson was injured, from whom died later in hospital.