Reinstated the head of the national Park of Sochi was fired the first day

Nicholas Penkovsky

Removed from service, the Director of the Sochi national Park, Nikolai Penkovsky on the first day of work after reinstatement (by the court) received notification of termination of the employment contract. This he Monday, August 7, reported TASS.

“To the end of the day brought two paper: the order of my restoration to its former position and to unilaterally terminate the indefinite employment contract,” — said the former Director. He noted that the notification from the Ministry of natural resources not specified reasons for dismissal.

Penkovsky acquainted with the decision and said that tomorrow will go to pick up personal belongings from the office. Appeal against the dismissal, he did not rule out, and said he was ready to find a new candidate in his place.

“I will retire only if the Director will come of decent people,” said Penkovsky.

The Ministry of natural resources management change explained recorded by the accounting chamber of violations, including improper spending of budget funds. Environmentalists expressed fears that the reshuffle related to the desire of authorities to build new ski resorts to the detriment of the reserve.