Suburban families will pay double the allowance before the school year

Before the beginning of the school year, residents of the Moscow region will receive monthly benefits for children a double. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of social development of Moscow region on Monday, 7 August.

“In August 2017 monthly allowance for children will be transferred to the recipient in the double size — for August and September, and following payment of the child allowance will take place only in October,” — are reported words of the head of Department Irina Paevskiy.

She stressed that the Ministry has changed the payment scheme for the convenience of parents.

In addition, the regional authorities have replaced the partial reimbursement of the cost of school uniforms for families with many children a lump sum of 3 thousand rubles, said also Raevska.

The amount of the benefit, according to TASS, depends on the age of the child. If he is under eighteen, the payout is up to 4476 thousand rubles; from a half to three years — until 6476 roubles; from three to seven years — until 2228 rubles. Compensation for a child older than seven years will be 1114 rubles.

19 July, it was reported that the preparation for the suburban schools to the beginning of the school year from the consolidated budget it is allocated more than two billion rubles.