In India are trying to unravel the mystery of the “phantom Barber”

In India are trying to unravel the mystery of the “phantom Barber”

More than 50 women in the States of Haryana and Rajasthan in Northern India reported to the police that someone cut their hair until they were unconscious. Authorities have yet to establish who is behind a series of strange occurrences, which the local women into a state of paranoia.

“There was a strong flash light and I lost consciousness. After an hour I realized that my hair someone cut off,” says Sunita Devi 53-year-old housewife from Gurgaon district in Haryana. She’s still freaked out about that mysterious “attack”.

“I can neither sleep nor concentrate on anything. I read about such incidents in Rajasthan, but never thought it would happen to me,” she adds.

The first reports of “Ghost-barbers” appeared in July in Rajasthan, but since then, similar cases have complained in Haryana and even in the capital Delhi.

No one saw anything

Sunita Devi lives in a close community of merchants and farmers. Some neighbors spend time with her in turns and take care of her until she recovers from the shock.

According to her, she was attacked by the elderly man, “dressed in clothes of bright colors”.

“I was the one on the ground floor of his house, my daughter and grandson were upstairs. The attack occurred at about 21:30,” she says.

Daughter-in-law and son have not seen anything and not heard.

The story becomes even more mysterious when I ask if you saw someone attacking.

Roommate Sunita Devi, Mones says that narrow alley, in which there are about 20 houses in the evenings, usually filled with people, especially between 9 and 10 PM.

“People gather together after dinner to chat and rest. And Friday was no exception, but none of us have seen it, in the house of Sunita anyone coming in or out of it,” she says.

The story does not end there.


Just a few metres from the house and the housewife Asha Devi lost their hair in similar circumstances the next day after the incident with Sunita.

But this time the attack allegedly was committed by a woman.

Father-in-law Asha Devi Suraj PAL says that after this incident he sent her and other women in the family to relatives in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

“They were so scared after the attack that I sent them for a few weeks. All around I’m afraid,” he says.