Personal experience: I grew up in a family of lesbians

Personal experience: I grew up in a family of lesbians

Gillian Stewart decided to make a documentary about two families in which the mother began to live together. What was your reaction to the coming out of numerous brothers and sisters of the author, and how to survive such an event today, same-sex families.

20 years ago my mom admitted that she’s a lesbian

I was only four years old, so I’m not particularly bothered. But as I told parents, my sisters and brothers was more difficult to accept it.

So I decided to take us on a documentary and in it raise all these questions to ask my immediate family what they had to endure.

I wanted this film to know, is it easier in our days parents in same-sex families to do such recognition.

Dzhulliany the story told in the documentary “My lesbian moms”, you can listen to in the UK via BBC iPlayer. You can also watch the documentary on YouTube.

My moms (Susan and Jerry) in 2014 become real stars, joining the first same-sex lesbian marriage in Scotland.

They married at midnight on 31 December 2014 in Glasgow. It was a great historic moment.

But before the wedding was not all smooth.

I think my mother was difficult, she was clearly afraid, and then her hands were small children, when she told everyone I was a lesbian.

And even though grandma and grandpa were aware, none of his friends knew. And that’s the reaction friends mom feared most.

I remember my mom once asked me and my brother Jamie, whether we are ashamed of it. And we in one voice said, “come on, nothing we have in mind is not”.

Jamie has always been able to find the funny side. He knew where to laugh and joke, instead of being sad or angry.