It is estimated voracity of cats and dogs

It is estimated voracity of cats and dogs

Geographer Gregory ocean (Gregory Okin) from the University of California at Los Angeles has estimated that living in the United States Pets — cats and dogs consume as much food as a fifth of the total population.

He came to the conclusion that the content of Pets leads to a further rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has a major influence on Earth’s climate. The results of the calculations are presented in the article published in the journal PLOS One.

Only in the United States is home to about 163 million cats and dogs, the bulk of their diet consists of animal products. Meat production and feed is wasted more energy and water is used more land than for agricultural plants. Furthermore, it greatly harms the environment, including erosion of soils and polluted water bodies.

Estimated scientist, cats and dogs in the United States is required to stay 19 percent of the food energy that Americans consume. The number of waste animal wastes comparable to those that produce more than 6.5 million people. The pet contributes to emissions of methane and nitrogen oxide, equivalent to about 64 million tons of carbon dioxide.

According to Okina in order to reduce the impact on the climate, preference should be given to those breeds of dogs and cats that consume less meat. In addition, they can not feed expensive food, and food that is not eaten home. However, without a significant decrease in the number of domestic animals impact on the environment will remain strong.