A family of Muslims from the US have complained of the pork in 14 “Macchicken” in “McDonald’s”

The family of Muslims from new York accused “McDonald’s” that the employee network of fast food restaurants specifically gave them pork in chicken sandwiches “Macchicken”. On Friday, August 4, reports The Independent.

The incident occurred July 31 in one of the schools in DECATUR, Alabama. The family visited the amusement Park Point Mallard Water Park, stopped for lunch at McDonald’s where we ordered 14 sandwiches. Customers immediately noticed that something was wrong, because they regularly eat at this restaurant chain and I know the taste of “Macchicken”. One of the members of the family threw up twice when he realized that the pork Burger instead of a chicken.

The incident attracted the attention of the Alabama branch of the national organization of Muslims in which he called for an investigation and sack those responsible, according to Al.com. The head of the local branch of the Council on American-Islamic relations howl Hadid (Khaula Hadeed) called the incident “a deliberate act of religious and ethnic prejudice”.

“It’s not like a mistake, especially in the 14 sandwiches”, she said.

According to The Independent, McDonald’s stated that specifically pork “Macchicken” nobody put.

Muslims are forbidden, in particular, to use pork and also meat of other animals slaughtered or slain in violation of the traditions.