The victims of the strike forces of the US coalition for Syrian raqqa were seven children

Raqqa, Syria

In the air strike on the Syrian city of raqqa caused by planes of the US-led coalition killed a woman and seven children. They were all members of one family, reported Reuters.

The RAID was committed on the night of August 4 on a number of residential blocks to destroy entrenched there militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). Several civilians were injured, a number of buildings were badly damaged.

May 25, the U.S. military acknowledged the deaths of more than 100 civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul in an air RAID, produced in March. The purpose of the strikes was two snipers ISIS, entrenched in one of the buildings. They were dropped 500-pound bombs. In the result of a direct hit detonated the explosives that the militants had laid on the lower floors of the structure. Due to powerful explosion people died in this and neighboring buildings.

The assault on Raqqa, the so-called informal capital of ISIS, comes with June. The liberation of the city is one of the main goals of the international antiterrorist coalition headed by USA, the leading military operations against extremists in Iraq and Syria.