Senator instructed to beat clowns paratroopers on Day of airborne forces



Veteran VDV, Senator Franz Klintsevich said that the veterans of the troops will fight with the mummers paratroopers, creating unfavorable surroundings in Day VDV. It is reported by NSN.

According to him, “what is happening in Gorky Park on the Day of the airborne troops are often not associated with people of the past war”. Clowns paratroopers he called “the most terrible trouble.”

“Now they are becoming less so as they are simply beat. And we already gave such a command, especially for Afghans, to identify and easy to beat. Buy a beret and a vest – nothing complicated. To get drunk and act outrageously, trying thereby to be realized due to inherent complexes, it’s very common. Often, these entertainers create an unfavorable external environment for paratroopers,” – said the Senator.

At the same time, Klintsevich said that in recent years the airborne forces Day was celebrated differently, for example, many Marines began to bring children and grandchildren.

The day before, July 2, during the reporting of NTV on the Day of the airborne troops suffered the correspondent of TV channel Nikita Leonid Razvozzhayev. The report titled “Spilled blue…” was broadcast live. The journalist was at the fountain in Gorky Park. He was approached by referring to the drunk man, ragasiya obscenities and threatening to seize the Ukraine. At the request of Razvozzhaev “shut up” the man punched him in the face and promised to hit again, if the correspondent will be “so talk to him”. Later this man was detained. The police said that he has nothing to do with VDV. It was also reported that to detain the attacker wanted the Marines themselves.