Dedicated to the previous youth festival exhibition opened at the Museum of Moscow

The opening of the VI world festival of youth and students in Moscow, July 28, 1957

August 1, at the Museum of Moscow opened an exhibition “Three of the festival” dedicated to the coming WFMS 2017 and dedicated to the previous one held in the country festivals of youth. About it “” according to the organizers WFMS.

The exposition is devoted to festivals in 1957 and 1985, held in Moscow. The goal of the exhibition is to convey the spirit of these eras, the three periods in the history of the country: the “Thaw” of the late 50’s, “perestroika” of the mid-80s and the present.

The exhibition was opened by General Director of “Moscow Museum” Alina Saprykina. She noted that the exhibition presents more than 2 thousand exhibits from the Museum collection: archival photographs, postcards, badges, household items, appliances, clothing and cars of the time. The other part of the exhibits were collected in conjunction with the organizing Committee WFMS 2017 during the campaign “national Museum festival”. “I am very glad that the protesters are among us today,” admitted Saprykin.

The exhibition will run will run in Moscow Museum until August 31. She closes the high-tech multimedia exhibition that will include digitized objects of the National Museum, which will later be presented at the festival in Sochi.

XIX world festival of youth and students will take place from 14 to 22 October this year in Sochi, and will gather 20 thousand young professionals in various fields from 150 countries at the age from 18 to 35 years.