ROC has proposed a ban on hypocritical is non-alcoholic beer

Vladimir Legoyda

The non-alcoholic beer is hypocritical and should be banned, according to the Chairman of Department on interrelations of the Church with society and mass-media Vladimir Legoyda. This was reported on the Department’s website.

“Advertising of non-alcoholic beer can be attributed to the so-called umbrella brands, and it will have the predictable result of increased consumption of regular alcoholic beer brands relevant,” — said Legoyda.

He added that the market of non-alcoholic beer in Russia is scanty, and experts estimate prospects of its development with skepticism.
“If Breweries really are aimed at expanding the market of non-alcoholic beer, let them create new brands that do not have “alcoholic past” and not similar to the point of confusion with the usual beer,” — said Legoyda.

In July, ROC has proposed to increase the price of alcohol and restrict the sale of alcohol with chemical additives. “It’s not a necessity. People could live without alcohol, at least, without a strong alcohol which has a devastating impact on people,” explained the initiative of the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.