The army gunners of Zimbabwe without a miss shoot other people’s targets

The army gunners of Zimbabwe without a miss shoot other people’s targets

POLYGON GUARDS (Kazakhstan), 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. Military of Zimbabwe as part of individual race and night sprint at the competition “Masters of artillery fire” the international Army games hit all the targets, but not their own, said Wednesday the chief judge of competitions the gunners, major General Loot of Alicanov.

“The Kazakh detachment has taken the lead on the results of individual races and a night sprint in the competition “Masters of artillery fire.” In second place — the representatives of Belarus, close the three Kyrgyz soldiers,” he said.

The General noted that “the only settlement, who managed to show 100% result in firing mortars, was the team from Zimbabwe, with the caveat that he struck not, and the wrong target”.

According to the judge, the firing of mortars proved to be the teams most difficult element because of the treacherous wind roses in the foothills of TRANS-ili Alatau.

“Mina after the shot rises to a height of more than 1.2 thousand meters, in the process of free fall adjusted her flight because of the wind, which changes direction and speed at different altitudes,” said the General.

Competition “Master of the artillery fire” held at the landfill of the 40th military base of armed forces of Kazakhstan in the foothills of TRANS-ili Alatau. It will last until 9 August. According to the press service of the Russian Central military district in the competition was attended by eight countries — Azerbaijan, Belarus, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.