In England and Wales recorded a record of deaths from drugs

In England and Wales was a record number of deaths associated with drug use. It is reported by The Independent citing data from the office for national statistics UK (ONS).

According to published information, in 2016 year, there were 3744 cases of death of men under the influence of drugs, which is 70 more than the year before.

The majority of deaths occurred due to accidental overdose, and suicides, mental and behavioural disorders caused by drugs.

More than half of the victims had used heroin or morphine, the other lost his life after taking antidepressants, cocaine and amphetamines.

The ONS also warned of a sharp increase in the number of people dying after taking new psychoactive substances and synthetic drugs.

20 Aug 2016 border controls of the UK intercepted the ship with a consignment of cocaine weighing more than one ton. Fishing trawler “Bianca” was arrested in Falmouth on the South coast of Cornwall. On Board was discovered 50 packages with drugs, presumably cocaine. The cost of the party estimated at £ 80 million.