Moldova announced Rogozin persona non grata

Dmitry Rogozin

The Moldovan authorities announced Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic.

The decision was taken at a government meeting. “I propose to make Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata in Moldova and forbid him to cross the territory of our country”, — said at the event, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic Andrei Galbur and was supported by a majority of the members of the Cabinet.

Earlier, on 2 August, “Interfax” with reference to own source in the government explained that the reason for this decision was the interview Rogozin, the TV channel “Russia 24”. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, Chisinau considers that the Russian official “made negative and insulting remarks about citizens of Moldova, its leadership, affecting the image of the Moldovan state within the country and abroad”.

On the morning of 2 August, the media disseminated the statement of the Russian Vice-Prime Minister that for the failure of his visit to Chisinau is the leader of the ruling in Moldova, the Democratic party Vladimir plahotniuc.

Interview to TV channel “Russia 24” Rogozin gave 29 Jul, this entry was posted on YouTube. Deputy Prime Minister called it a provocation denial Bucharest to miss the aircraft with him.

On 28 July the Romanian authorities did not allow civilian plane with Rogozin on Board to fly through its airspace in Chisinau, where he had scheduled talks with Moldovan President Igor Dodon. This liner had to land in Belarus. Moscow has expressed a decisive protest in Bucharest.