Prisoners have escaped from an American prison with the help of peanut butter

The inmates of a prison in Alabama (USA) escaped from prison with the help of peanut butter. The incident happened on Saturday 31 July, the details of the incident, BBC News reported on 2 August.

Prisoners smeared paste the number on the exit door from prison to mislead inexperienced guard. “When the prisoners called the jailer and asked to be let into the camera, he by mistake opened the front door to the prison,” — said in a statement to the prison administration. Getting out of the housing, inmates with prison fatigues and blankets, climbed over the fence with barbed wire and escaped to freedom.

Just due to the negligence of the guard ran off 12 people, 11 of them are caught within a few hours, last, Brady, Andrew Kilpatrick, has been in hiding for two days.

On 27 July in the Internet appeared the video, which three prisoners recorded during his escape from prison in southern California.