Appeared in court in shorts and bandana Mordovian lawyer lost the status of a

The chamber of advocates of the Republic of Mordovia has denied local lawyer status because he appeared in court in the improper form. On Tuesday, August 1, reports “Interfax”. The lawyer’s name was not called.

As have informed Agency in the press service of the Supreme court of Mordovia in respect of the lawyer disciplinary process was initiated for violation of the requirements of article 8 of the Code of professional ethics of lawyer. “As a result, the lawyer was deprived of his status,” said the source.

In a statement on the website of the Supreme court of the Republic States that the lawyer “was on trial in a criminal case in sunglasses, t-shirt, denim jacket-tank top, shorts, tied on the neck scarf and headgear — bandana”. It is noted that the man “his appearance was out of order at the hearing, refused to comply with the requirement of the presiding officer”, which continued the meeting was adjourned.

Provision of business-style clothing approved by the Bar Council of Mordovia on 27 April 2017. The document States that this style should contribute to “creating a positive image” and at the same time “does not exclude the personality of each lawyer.” Defenders should have a minimum of jewelry and accessories, invalid piercing and bright makeup.