Football Amateur League of the Moscow region will take one and a half thousand commands

About 1.5 thousand football teams can enter in Amateur League, Moscow region (Russian FLMO) by 2019. About it reports TV channel “360” Monday, July 24. Questions, FLLO discussed at the meeting in the Ministry of physical culture and sports region, which was attended by the project organizers and representatives of the departments of sport and football leagues of municipalities of the 15 city districts and districts of the region. “Football is sport number one in the world in popularity. In the suburbs to football more than 150 thousand fans,” said Minister of physical culture and sports of the Roman Tereshkov. Funds for the maintenance of the Amateur League will come from team dues, sponsorship and investment players to the professional leagues, it is noted on the website. 27 Jun Tereshkov told about the creation of the “Live sports”. “”The suburbs” is the brand. It is symbolic that the prize we

More than 46 thousand people used the services of suburban health centers

Since the beginning of the year, over 46 thousand people for the first time addressed in the health centres operating in the suburban clinics, reported on the website of the government of the Moscow region on Monday, July 24. “The doctor evaluates the condition using diagnostic equipment. If the centers are schools where you can attend a course of lectures on the prevention of various diseases, the rules of rational nutrition”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Olga Zabralova. Currently, the region has 34 health centres and five mobile medical complexes, the report says. On 13 July it was reported that in the Moscow region since the beginning of the year in the course of medical examination it was revealed more than 98 thousand cases of various diseases. At the beginning of last month, the government of Moscow region reported that the mortality rate in the

The traffic police will offer the Russians letters and numbers of car license plates to choose

MIA introduced a bill allowing drivers to choose a combination of numbers and letters in the license plate. About it reports “Kommersant”. The paper proposes to distinguish between “state license plate” — a metal plate — “state registration number”, i.e. a set of letters and numbers. The bill does not specify how it will be the process of selecting a combination of components of the rooms, the order will be determined by the government. Also, the document proposed to give the Russians the right to get the LIC plate in salons when buying a car. It is expected that the service will be subject to a surcharge, and tariffs will be regulated by the Federal Antimonopoly service. The Agency intends to simplify the procedure of registration of cars with illegible identification marks on the body or frame. The owners of these cars will be obliged to undergo an independent examination

The car crashed into a group of pedestrians in the United States.

The car crashed into a group of pedestrians in the United States. According to the AP, it is assumed that the driver’s actions were unintentional. TASS, July 24. The car crashed on Monday into a group of pedestrians in South Dakota, resulting in two people died and another eight were injured. This was reported by the Associated Press (AP). According to him, the incident happened near rehabilitation center in Alcester. In connection with the incident under investigation. It is assumed that the actions of the driver who is among the victims, was unintentional, the Agency said. BREAKING: Highway Patrol: 2 dead, 8 taken to hospitals after vehicle slams into group of people outside South Dakota building. — The Associated Press (@AP) July 24, 2017 During the download an error has occurred.

The NYT has rejected charges in the rescue of the leader of ISIS from death

The US President Donald trump made a mistake by saying that the newspaper the New York Times (NYT) has prevented the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This was reported in an editorial published in the NYT. July 23, the White house accused the publication of disrupting attempts to kill al-Baghdadi. “Their sick agenda is considered to be above national security,” he wrote in his Twitter. What kind of publications there is a speech, the us President said. The NYT suggests that the reason for the criticism of trump became the stuff of Fox News channel, which was released on July 21. It quoted the head of the special operations command of US General Raymond Thomas about what the American military in 2015 “was very close” to the leader of the IG, they managed to get a lot of

Lavrov was amazed at the mass psychosis of American politicians

Sergei Lavrov The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, commenting on reports about a possible intervention of Moscow in the elections of the us President, said that did not know about the possibility of mass hysteria in the ranks of US politicians. The Minister said in an interview with Kurdish television channel “Rudaw”, reports RIA Novosti. “Many [American political leaders] I spoke, when I was working in new York. For me everything is happening now is very surprising,” — said the foreign Minister. Lavrov suggested that, perhaps, “many of those who succumbed to this abnormal for US policy move, understand that all of this somehow has to stop”. “Unfortunately, they are themselves driven at a very high fence, which was then hard to jump”, — concluded the Minister. However, he noted that “anti-Russian campaign in the U.S. will run out of steam”, because, according to him, is still

The house of culture in the Russian villages will receive subsidies

Photo: Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree according to which state support will be provided to the houses of culture and their subsidiaries in cities with a population of 50 thousand people, the document published Saturday on the website of the Russian government. “State support will be provided to the houses of culture, located in settlements with a population of 50 thousand people, and their branches”, — the document says. Clarifies that the decision is aimed at the development of culture in rural areas.

Linkin Park has released a statement in connection with the death of Chester Bennington

Linkin Park has released a statement in connection with the death of Chester Bennington Linkin Park said that the death of vocalist Chester Bennington “has left a void that will never be filled”. This is stated on his page in Facebook. 10фотографий10фотографий10фотографий About committed suicide, the singer of the group members say they will “miss the outrageous, funny, kind, generous voice.” Members of the group apply to the deceased comrade, saying that “those demons that took you away from us, was part of the deal. In the end, in the first place how you about they sang, made us fall in love with you.” The members of the band Linkin Park reported that now they “don’t know which road to choose”, although their “passion for creating and performing music inextinguishable”. “Life has become better thanks to you. Thank you for this gift. We love you and really miss you. Until

The Spaniard has made the exhumation of Salvador Dali. She claims he is her father

The Spaniard has made the exhumation of Salvador Dali. She claims he is her father In the Spanish town of Figueres in late July, exhumed the body of the artist Salvador Dali. Forensics reported that the remains of well preserved hair and mustache famous surrealist was untouched by time. Given the body exhumed to establish family ties: the fortune teller from Jaron Maria Pilar Abel Martinez said that she may be the illegitimate daughter of a famous artist. “Medusa” tells how Martinez wants to be recognized as the daughter Given. Maria Martinez, the fortuneteller on maps of Taro, says that her mother was having an affair with Dali in 1955. She was born in the year 1956. the mother of the woman in the 1950s worked in the small Catalan town of Cadaques, where Dali often visited. Martinez says that in childhood she was told that she is the daughter

Detained in Turkey with her mother, the girl returned to Russia

Detained in Turkey with her mother, the girl returned to Russia Six-year-old girl from Russia, arrested in Turkey along with her sister, mother and her civil husband transferred to his natural father, said the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in Instagram. He said that the child managed to return home due to agreements with the Turkish side. Kadyrov expressed his gratitude to the Advisor of the head of Chechnya, the Deputy of the state Duma Adam Delimkhanov and the representative of the head of the Chechen Republic in Turkey Ayhan Erguven Seyfettin. “I also thank the Turkish authorities for taking a humane decision,” he wrote. Dear friends! Want to share the good news. Recently I was approached by a resident of the Saratov region Sergey Ukhanov. In his video, he asked me to help to return from Turkey, his six year old daughter, arrested along with his mother and her