The traffic police will offer the Russians letters and numbers of car license plates to choose

MIA introduced a bill allowing drivers to choose a combination of numbers and letters in the license plate. About it reports “Kommersant”.

The paper proposes to distinguish between “state license plate” — a metal plate — “state registration number”, i.e. a set of letters and numbers. The bill does not specify how it will be the process of selecting a combination of components of the rooms, the order will be determined by the government.

Also, the document proposed to give the Russians the right to get the LIC plate in salons when buying a car. It is expected that the service will be subject to a surcharge, and tariffs will be regulated by the Federal Antimonopoly service.

The Agency intends to simplify the procedure of registration of cars with illegible identification marks on the body or frame. The owners of these cars will be obliged to undergo an independent examination of a forensic.

Earlier on Monday, June 24, police announced the introduction of a new series of rooms in the capital. After graduating from the possible combinations of numbers and letters series 777 Moscow drivers have begun to issue a series numbers 799.

In April, the authorities discussed the possibility of introducing a mandatory install on license plates special RFID tags. “Rodomontade” explained that this is necessary in order to prevent the truckers to hide the numbers with the passage of the automatic system of weight and dimensional control.