The defense Ministry has published unique documents about the liberation of Poland from the Nazis

MOSCOW, July 18. /TASS/. The defense Ministry unveiled the unique historical documents, dedicated to the liberation of Poland by the Soviet army in 1944-1945. Archival materials are available on the official website of the Russian military. Monday, July 17, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda approved approved by the Saeima on 22 June amendments to the law banning the promotion of communism or other totalitarian regime in the names of buildings and facilities involving the demolition of Soviet-era monuments, including memorials in honor of the red army. According to experts, the demolition can get about 250 buildings dedicated to the red army.

In Venezuela, five of the arrested police officers stitched up mouths in protest

Five police officers, detainees sewed their mouths in protest against the illegal imprisonment. It is reported Efecto Cocuyo. All on suspicion in murder of local journalist Ricardo Duran behind bars was sent to 14 guards. The result of the investigation the prosecution came to the conclusion that the police are not involved in the crime, but from-under guards still did not release. “So far we have not received a response to our demands (…). Our health deteriorate”, — quotes RIA Novosti news Agency a police appeal published in social networks. Prior to this arrested law enforcement officials during the 22 days spent on a hunger strike. Their relatives also fast in protest on 3 July.

The German court allowed the deportation of an alleged Islamist in Russia

The Federal administrative court of Germany allowed the Bremen authorities to deport an alleged Islamist in Russia. About it as transfers TASS, on Monday, July 17, told reporters the representative of the Ministry for internal Affairs of Bremen. German law enforcement authorities characterized the 18-year-old man from Dagestan as a person, from which comes potential danger. On March 14, he is under deportation arrest. The suspect, according to investigators, was texting in the messenger Telegram with known to the police by the Islamist from Essen and another man, who was a member of one of operating in Syria for terrorist groups. Also law enforcement agencies know that the suspect has told about plans to carry out attacks to other members of correspondence. Lawyers have filed an appeal against the decision of the administrative court the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe. As expected, the decision will be made in the coming

The Venezuelan opposition has called for nationwide strike

The Venezuelan opposition on Monday, July 17, after the “people’s referendum” called for a national strike against President Nicolas Maduro in the framework of the protest campaign. About it reports Reuters. The strike is scheduled for Thursday, July 20, its duration, according to the organizers must be 24 hours. The opposition have said that it will take steps to create a “national unity government” and call for new nominations of judges of the Supreme court instead of Pro minded. Opposition leaders have accused Maduro that he ignored the results of the “people’s referendum”. Opponents of the current government require the holding of General elections and protesting against plans to create a constituent Assembly, which must obtain the authority to amend the basic law. The majority of Venezuelans who took part in the “people’s referendum” were against the initiative, Maduro convene a constituent Assembly. All in voting have taken part more

The Pentagon has responded to the Turkey plans to buy Russian s-400

Photo: The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis © Jonathan Ernst/Pool via AP The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis called Ankara’s decision to purchase missile defense system/air defense systems from Russia, not from NATO allies, the sovereign right of Turkey, noting that the s-400 are not compatible with military equipment of the Alliance. In this regard, he urged to await further developments to see whether the transaction will be concluded and implemented, reports TASS. “Whether or not they will use it? Will they use it only in one area?” – said the Pentagon chief. We will remind, on Friday informed source in Ankara said that the Turkish authorities have decided to purchase from Russia, two anti-aircraft missile system “Triumph” s-400 for $ 2.5 billion, the parties discuss the technical details. Meanwhile, later defence Minister of Turkey said that Ankara has agreed with France and Italy

Team Russia won the world championship on marsh football

Team Russia won the world championship on marsh football In Finland has ended the world championship on marsh football, the founders of which are the representatives of the Country Suomi. It was attended by Russian players who won the title of the world champion in three categories: among men-lovers, in the mixed doubles and the tournament professionals. The world Championships in swamp football is held in Finland since 1998 and have seven categories: professionals (men and women), lovers (men and women), mixed (both sexes play together), League (sponsors of the tournament) and adventure League (team in a fun costume). During the download an error has occurred. Representatives of Russia became world Champions among the pros for the seventh time. In the final match they defeated the hosts of the tournament. In the mixed doubles title of the Russians — the second in history, but men-lovers of our country for the

The experience of foreign prisons: what can Russia learn

The experience of foreign prisons: what can Russia learn In the prisons of Russia contains 618 490 people. This is comparable to the population of Tyumen, Vladivostok, Makhachkala or Ulyanovsk. The prison “population” Russia ranks first in Europe. However, the number of prisoners in the country is falling behind other post-Soviet countries since 2000, according to a review of the Center for strategic research (CSR), which is headed by former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. To put the pardon The improvement of the prison system and its reform is a complex process, and even developed countries have not developed a single recipe. Somewhere people deprived of freedom more somewhere less. For example, in Finland in 1971, the grille was off 38% of those convicted of theft and 70% for driving under the influence. The result peniteniary reforms in 1991, planted in jail, only 11% of the thieves, and for drunken

“The law on the curves of cucumbers”: the extraordinary standards of quality products

“The law on the curves of cucumbers”: the extraordinary standards of quality products How to distinguish right from wrong banana and how many layers should be in a quality bow. When choosing products we look at their composition. The more chemistry, the lower the desire to buy a particular product. But there are other criteria for assessing the quality of food. For example, their aesthetic appearance. So, in 1988 the European Commission was passed the famous act “On establishing the quality of cucumbers”, which provoked a lot of jokes on the part of consumers. About the unusual regulations that determined the fate of the goods — in our material. “The law on the curves of cucumbers” The perfect cucumber was supposed to be straight and have a bend of not more than 1 cm per 10 cm of length. Meanwhile, curves zucchini are rejected and sold at a reduced price.

Putin will visit the MAKS-2017

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, July 18, will visit the aviation and space salon MAKS in Zhukovsky near Moscow will hold a meeting on the development of civil aviation, reported on the Kremlin website. “The President will visit the aviation exhibition will get acquainted with serial, experienced and experimental samples and developments of the aerospace industry of Russian and foreign production”, — stated in the message. At MAKS-2017 will be presented 180 700 Russian and foreign corporations and companies from 36 countries. In addition, will demonstrate the latest anti-aircraft guided missile (AAGM) 9М100 designed for shipboard anti-aircraft missile system. International aviation and space salon MAKS-2017 will be held in Zhukovsky from 18 to 23 July 2017. The first three days the salon is open to professionals and from 20 to 23 July to the public.

Wanted in the case of resonant deadly road accident in Moscow have detained in Germany

The German police detained Russians Alexander Lomov wanted in the case of a fatal accident in Moscow, reports REN TV Monday, July 17. What was the reason for the detention was not specified. According to the channel, the German law enforcement authorities have asked Russian colleagues to confirm the information about the search Lomov, as well as the documents required for extradition. 13 December 2016, he allegedly was driving a Mercedes owned by Karen Gulbaran. On Bauman street a car at high speed, skidded onto the sidewalk, where it knocked down a pedestrian 27 — year-old Yuri Karpov. From the received traumas the man died on the spot. According to REN TV, the Scrap dumped the car, erasing their fingerprints left in the cabin. However, on 21 December, the person who was behind the wheel of the man was identified and he was declared wanted. Lomov father told investigators that