Rogozin poems expressed respect to the prohibition of Moldova on the entry of Russian artists

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin © Mikhail Metzel/TASS MOSCOW, July 28. /TASS/. Vice-Premier of Russian government Dmitry Rogozin, who was unable on Friday to go to Chisinau, because of the closed airspace over Romania, in verse expressed his attitude to the Moldovan authorities ban on entry to Moldova Russian artists. His poems Russian Deputy Prime Minister published on the page in Facebook. “Behind-the-scenes of desperate battles heroes /dark Knights with a paper dagger/, /Russian artists attacked Roy/, /Threatening invaders with poisoned sting. /”Vivat!” played trumpet and timpani/, /”Victory,” sang the tenor and bass/. With a wearing the laurels/ /the Main Moldovan Karabas/. /”Low social responsibility people”/ – /Lovers to roam around in Europe/ / a circus without any foreplay/, /Creating problems for yourself..”.

Ryabkov: the U.S. must repair the damage done by the Russian departmenti

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov © Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS MOSCOW, July 28. /TASS/. The United States will have to compensate the damage caused to the Russian departmenet at the time of her arrest. This was stated on Friday on air of TV channel “Russia 1” the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov, commenting on the measures taken by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation concerning American diplomatic missions. “Our recreation centers, which belong to Russia, decorated it, and enjoyed full diplomatic immunity, was the subject of such barbaric invasion, – said Ryabkov. – Was a toy in the hands of those who were looking for a reason as if to spoil even more the already to the limit poisoned the atmosphere of relations with Russia.” “There [in the cottages of the Russian Embassy in the US] no one, they

Romania explained to the closure of airspace for the plane with Rogozin

Continued: Rogozin threatened to respond “reptiles”-Romania for refusing to let his plane The Romanian authorities explained their decision not to pass through their airspace the aircraft of S7 airlines, which flew the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. On Friday, July 28, said the carrier representatives, reports TASS. “The regular flight S7-157 on the route Moscow — Chisinau was denied entry into the airspace of Romania service of air traffic under the pretext of being on Board a “sanctioned person”. (…) The crew decided to land at the airport of Minsk”, — said the airline. According to Rogozin, the decision to fly a scheduled flight was taken after a few years ago, the Romanian authorities tried to force to Board the Charter flight, which was flying Deputy Prime Minister, RIA Novosti reported. “In later times we happily used the services of this airlines [S7], never had any problems”, — he

As a result of striking pedestrians in Helsinki suffered two Russians

As a result of the collision of a car into pedestrians in Central Helsinki suffered two citizens of Russia. This was reported to the police in the Finnish capital, reports TASS. In addition to the Russians also came to the hospital a citizen of Estonia and a local resident. Their lives are not in danger. Also the police said one of the deceased citizen of Finland. The guards said that at the moment nothing points to a terrorist act. The police confirmed that drove the Jaguar car the driver is intoxicated and poorly aware of the incident, to question him so far failed. On 7 April in Stockholm on the main pedestrian street Drottninggatan drove a truck into a crowd of people and stopped once he crashed into the window of one of the stores. In the attack four people were killed, another 15 were injured. Swedish authorities said that

Russia has expressed Romania protest due to the reversal of the plane with Rogozin

Chargé d’affaires of Romania to Russia to Viorel Cojocaru expressed strong protest in connection with the fact that the Romanian authorities refused to allow its airspace to civilian aircraft, on Board of which there were Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin. This was reported on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry. “It was stressed that under the threat was delivered security, more than 160 passengers, flying the mentioned flight. They are unable to timely reach to your destination,” reads the statement. The foreign Ministry added that Moscow regards this incident as a deliberate provocation, causing damage to bilateral relations. “We urge the Romanian authorities to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and to provide the Russian side the corresponding explanations”, — concluded in the Ministry. The Romanian authorities did not allow the aircraft of S7 airlines with Rogozin on Board to fly through the airspace of the country in Chisinau, where

The Italian Ambassador explained the reunification of the Crimea with Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti The Crimean referendum on reunification with Russia was a vote for independence, says Ambassador of Italy in Moscow Cesare Ragaglini. This opinion diplomat expressed in an interview with the newspaper Corriere della Sera. Talked with him a journalist called the entry of the Crimea into structure of Russia of the annexation and violation of international law. “Crimea was not the first country that voted for independence in Europe,” retorted Ragaglini. “Nobody denies the right of sovereign States to join international organizations, but there is no doubt that the negotiations of the EU with Ukraine [the Association] had strong political motives: it was an obvious attempt to bring Kiev under the historical influence of Russia. If that was the goal, then the EU has failed to do so,” the Ambassador said. According to him, the EU should not have underestimated the economic and historical ties between Moscow and

Putin has made relief for debtors

Photo: RIA Novosti In Russia, the minimum amount of the debt, after which it enters into force a ban on travel abroad has been increased from 10 to 30 thousand rubles. The bill was signed by the head of the state Vladimir Putin. It is reported by RIA Novosti. Under the new rules, the threshold of 10 thousand rubles left for debtors alimony, payments for damage to health, in connection with the death of a breadwinner, property and moral damage caused by the crime. The document also notes that if the debtor does not repay the debt in excess of 10 thousand roubles, for two months, the bailiff has the right to impose restrictions on travel abroad. The law stipulates that the exchange of information about the payment arrears between the officers and the Supervisory authorities will be carried out electronically. The document also simplifies the procedure of lifting restrictions

Putin believes that it is necessary to reach an agreement and cooperation with the United States

Photo: Agreements on cooperation between Moscow and Washington need to reach in the near future, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. “In any case, we believe that whatever happened in the near future, in the future strategically, we have to go on some elements of cooperation and agreements,” Putin said at a press conference after talks with Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinistö. As the Russian leader said, “I hope that eventually it will be so”.

They say that during pregnancy you cannot play sports, dye her hair and to fly. Is this true?

They say that during pregnancy you cannot play sports, dye her hair and to fly. Is this true? In pregnant women there are lots of reasons for concern and specialized resources usually only exacerbate the panic. “Medusa” asked the obstetrician-gynecologist Tatiana Rumyantsev and therapist Olga Makulovo to explain what a pregnant woman really should avoid, and found that to harm a healthy pregnancy is very difficult. 1. Sex is possible (if no contraindications) Vaginal sex at any time in any position can not harm the fetus or cause premature birth, if this no contraindications. Amniotic fluid, thick wall of the uterus, elastic cervix is good shocks that can handle the intense vibrations and the sperm, of course, through the amniotic bubble surrounding the child, will not penetrate. Discomfort in a woman during sex — not an indication that sexual intercourse is harmful. But there are two points about which you

The relics of St. Nicholas were taken out of Russia in the Italian city of Bari

The relics of St. Nicholas were taken out of Russia in the Italian city of Bari MOSCOW, 28 Aug — RIA Novosti. The special flight with the relics of St. Nicholas landed at the airport of the Italian city of Bari, he was met by the authorities and the clergy of the city, and an honor guard, told RIA Novosti member of the Russian delegation that brought the relic of Saint Petersburg. The relics of St. Nicholas for the first time in 930 years, was taken from the city of Bari to Russia. In Moscow the relic arrived on may 21, where he was in the temple of Christ the Savior. After 52 days — July 13 — the relics moved to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg. During the finding of the relics in Russia, they bowed to nearly 2.5 million pilgrims. The relics were accompanied by, including,