They say that during pregnancy you cannot play sports, dye her hair and to fly. Is this true?

They say that during pregnancy you cannot play sports, dye her hair and to fly. Is this true?

In pregnant women there are lots of reasons for concern and specialized resources usually only exacerbate the panic. “Medusa” asked the obstetrician-gynecologist Tatiana Rumyantsev and therapist Olga Makulovo to explain what a pregnant woman really should avoid, and found that to harm a healthy pregnancy is very difficult.

1. Sex is possible (if no contraindications)

Vaginal sex at any time in any position can not harm the fetus or cause premature birth, if this no contraindications. Amniotic fluid, thick wall of the uterus, elastic cervix is good shocks that can handle the intense vibrations and the sperm, of course, through the amniotic bubble surrounding the child, will not penetrate. Discomfort in a woman during sex — not an indication that sexual intercourse is harmful. But there are two points about which you should know:

If a man has a disease, sexually transmitted diseases, sex is impossible. If a man has sex not only with this woman or if this is a new partner, use a condom. Sex is contraindicated if there are some complications (eg, vaginal bleeding or leakage of amniotic fluid), and in this case it is necessary to go to the doctor.

Oral sex is also quite possible to do, but it is not necessary to intensively blowing in the vagina: there is a very small risk that the air gets into the vessel and it will cause problems.

Anal sex can cause discomfort during pregnancy if women have hemorrhoids and it happens quite often.

2. No special diet for pregnant

It should just be a healthy diet, and necessary to purposefully have “for two” no — we need to increase the amount of food in the second and third trimester (if the woman has twins, recommendations a little more). If there are too many, it can be harmful to the child. But despite the fact that the special diet no, there are nuances:

  • Meat, poultry, eggs and fish should be well cooked/baked/cooked, and no raw areas there could not stay. There is no steak, rare. The milk must be at least pasteurized products and foods made from them; vegetables and fruits — mytymi. Thanks to all that women have less risk to face with dangerous infections. For example, listeriosis, which can be obtained, if you drink unpasteurized milk or eat enough of the heated hot dog. This infection leads to very serious consequences like miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • A woman during pregnancy need more iron, and, in principle, this need can be closed, if you establish a normal diet, but for insurance, the doctor may prescribe iron supplements or even multivitamin complex (although not all of them are good and useful; moreover, some directly harmful).
  • Better eat more fiber (its a lot of plums, beans, almonds) and don’t limit yourself in a liquid, as in pregnancy often leads to constipation. By the way, you need to drink even swelling otherwise the swelling will not decrease, but the overall condition worse.
  • It is better that the diet was smaller fish that may contain methylmercury. It is not very easy: it is rare for supermarkets species like sharks, swordfish and tuna bolshegruzov.
  • There is no need to exclude from the diet of popular allergens that love to classify, for example, red foods, peanuts and eggs.

There is now enough good research that showed that such a diet does not prevent the development of allergies in children. Therefore, medical organizations do not recommend avoiding allergens, if a woman has no appropriate response.

  • Coffee you can drink. Limitations there is, but still possible. The American College of obstetricians and gynecologists calls safe 200 mg of caffeine a day. It’s about 2-3 cups of instant coffee (plus, we must remember that caffeine is in tea and chocolate).
  • Since this is about healthy eating, then, of course, it does not include cakes, sausages and instant noodles. However, if the pregnancy is progressing normally and the woman has no chronic diseases, neither for her nor for the baby will not be a mortal threat, though she sometimes will eat something unwholesome. Although it would be better to do it less often and certainly to exclude from the diet TRANS fats (they are in potato chips, fried meals from fast food and all sorts of pastries)
  • Drinking alcohol during pregnancy, no medical organization recommends. Alcohol has a teratogenic effect, that is, it disrupts the development of the fetus. While most of our knowledge about fetal alcohol syndrome when a woman regularly consume large amounts of alcohol. At the same time say with confidence that a glass of wine during pregnancy would lead to serious consequences, no one can. On the other hand, the liver of the child is formed in one of the last, and the alcohol crosses the placenta, so the potential threat is, apparently, at any dose.