Erdogan has called the suicide of the German ban on its performance in Hamburg

Erdogan Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized the decision of the German government to forbid him to speak to fellow citizens during the G20 summit in Hamburg. The head of state said in an interview with the newspaper Die Zeit, published on Wednesday, June 5. “Germany commits suicide (…) Germany should correct this mistake,” — said the Turkish leader. Erdogan also said that the German media are waging a campaign to demonize his country and support terrorists. According to the President, one of the examples of assistance to the extremists is a failure of Berlin to give Ankara suspected of a coup attempt in the summer of 2016. At the end of June, the German authorities have received a request from Turkey for the performances of Erdogan to the Turkish citizens in Hamburg. On 29 June, he was rejected. The next day it became known that the German authorities decided

Moscow suggested CIS to send to Syria a contingent of the joint monitoring

Russia approached the CIS countries with a proposal to send a contingent to Syria to joint monitoring in the area of de-escalation. On Wednesday, July 5, said in Astana the head of the Russian delegation at the talks on the Syrian settlement, Alexander Lavrentyev, reports RIA Novosti. “Now the question is what troop you want to emphasize military observers which countries to involve in peacekeeping mission in Syria,” the diplomat said, noting that we are not talking about “imposing a solution”. The Memorandum on the establishment of security zones in Syria was signed in Astana on may 4, countries-guarantors — Russia, Turkey and Iran. It is expected to create four zones in Idlib province, in the territories of Latakia, Aleppo and Hama; in the North of HOMS province; in Eastern ghouta, on the South of Syria — the provinces of Deraa and Quneitra. In these regions will be denied the

Maduro supporters stormed the Parliament and wounded several deputies

Nicolas Maduro Supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro broke into the Parliament under opposition control. On Wednesday, July 5, reports BBC News with reference to eyewitnesses. Several dozen people had entered the territory of the square surrounding the building of the legislative body, at a time when there was a meeting. Between government supporters and opposition deputies scuffle. Frames originating machine in the world. — Reporte Ya (@ReporteYa) 05 July 2017, 17:03 It is noted that the riots were injured and several legislators and journalists. In particular, according to the newspaper Nacional, the Deputy Americo de Grazia received a serious head injury. Supporters of the President were armed with sticks and used improvised explosive devices, the newspaper notes. The unrest in Venezuela due to dire economic crisis since the beginning of April, has killed 91 people.

Poll: About moving to another country I think 10% of Russians

Photo: RIA Novosti About moving to another country think about 10% of Russian citizens, which is 3% less than last year, according to the poll by the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM). According to the survey, 89% wanted to leave Russia – is the maximum for all history of measurements. Another 10% of Russians are thinking about moving to another country, among them 25% aged 18-24 years and 16% aged 25-34 years. 1% of respondents were undecided, reports TASS. The ranking of countries for moving the second consecutive year, is headed by Germany. The survey was conducted June 20-22, among 1,8 thousand respondents, the amount of error with 95% probability does not exceed 2.5%.

Tolstoy told what resolution will represent Russia in the OSCE

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia will offer for consideration the summer session of the OSCE PA two resolutions, one related to strengthening the organization’s role in countering terrorism, the second refers to “the inadmissibility of discrimination and intolerance against Christians, Muslims and followers of other religions”, said the head of the Russian delegation to the Assembly, Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy. The summer session of OSCE PA will be held in Minsk from 5 to 9 July. During the session, scheduled meeting of the committees on political Affairs and security, on economic Affairs, science, technology and environment, democracy, human rights and humanitarian issues. The plenary session of the OSCE PA will be held on 8 and 9 July. Antiterror As the press service of Tolstoy, in the first resolution we are, in particular, on the need to strengthen criminal liability under national legislations of the countries-participants of OSCE, in

The Meteorologist responded to the criticism got wet in the rain Zhirinovsky

The Meteorologist responded to the criticism got wet in the rain Zhirinovsky Chief specialist meteorologist Marina Makarova in response to criticism of politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky said about the impossibility “to predict the time of occurrence of rain clouds over the head of every man”. About it writes on Wednesday, July 5, RIA Novosti. “The new website of the hydrometeorological center launched a predictive map of rainfall two hours ahead. But she did not give an absolute precision,” — said Makarov. She also stated the impropriety of the proposal of the leader of the LDPR faction in the state Duma to accelerate Mediamat due to inaccurate forecasts, since such a structure does not exist, reports TASS. “In Moscow the forecast current and next day produces the Central Directorate of hydrometeorological service. MOE in his newsletter too, it refers to this unit. Perhaps Zhirinovsky was just a long time to pronounce this

Limousine Yeltsin put on sale for 34 million rubles

Limousine Yeltsin put on sale for 34 million rubles Armored limousine Mercedes 1995, which moved the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, on sale for 34 million rubles. It is reported portal Car Pullman Sonderschutz body W140 is currently part of the collection of Garage of special purpose FSO with all original documents. As reports TV channel “360”, Mercedes was exhibited at the Frankfurt motor show in September 1995 and was originally intended Chancellor Helmut Kohl, but he refused it and gave his “friend Boris” Yeltsin. The first Russian President moved it from late 1995 until the end of his days. Armored limousine Yeltsin put up for sale for €500 thousand #Yeltsin — news (@runews24ru) 5 Jul 2017 During the download an error has occurred. The ad notes that the car is in perfect condition. Showrooms the author of the ad asks you not to disturb

China has built the world’s first solar power station in the form of a Panda

China has built the world’s first solar power station in the form of a Panda BEIJING, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti, Anna was Raccogli. The world’s first solar power plant in the form of a giant Panda was built near the city of Datong is the Shanxi province of China. The project deals with the company Panda Green Energy (formerly United Photovoltaics). The creators of the solar farm has just launched the first phase, currently, the power plant is 50 megawatts when it gets full, capacity reaches 100 megawatts, writes portal PV-Tech. Panda Green Energy has taken the initiative to build solar power plant in the form of a Panda in may 2016, and in the fall signed an agreement and cooperation with the UN development programme. Construction began in November last year. Panda Green Energy completes first phase of #panda solar power plant! Check out our partnership here!

In Moscow will be a large container port

On the territory of Domodedovo will construct the transport handling port to handle containerized cargo, said Deputy Chairman of Moscow region government, Minister of investments and innovations of Moscow region Denis Butsaev. His words are quoted by the TV channel “360” Wednesday, July 5. “We consider extremely promising the construction of major transport and logistics hub, as we call — the container port,” said Butsaev. He noted that this will be a part of the “silk road”, which is now being worked out jointly by several countries. “We are in this respect extremely seriously hope that the Chinese partner will consider the possibility of joining this project,” he added. In October last year, the Russian and Kazakh companies signed an agreement on construction in Domodedovo railway container terminal, writes portal vdomodedovo. To accommodate the port will be on the highway M4 “don”. It was noted that the location of the

The paramedics broke in Norilsk for refusing to aid in carrying the patient

Emergency doctor in Norilsk (Krasnoyarsk Krai) came a call to the patient, and was beaten by his friends, reported on the website of the regional Central Directorate of interior Ministry on Wednesday, July 5. Two attackers opened an administrative case on petty hooliganism (article 20.1 of the administrative code), also addressed the issue of drawing up administrative materials on the fact of beating (article 6.1.1 of the administrative code). A police investigation began after an employee of the ambulance turned to the duty part, a statement about the beatings. Guards established that the medical team responded to a call of a local resident, seized by convulsions. The date and time of incident are not specified. Paramedics were met by a company of drunken young people who tried to load his friend into the ambulance. The paramedic made his remark, and in response received a few blows. The injured doctor is