The Romanian foreign Minister has accused Rogozin’s political provocation

Theodore Melescanu The Minister of foreign Affairs of Romania Teodor Melescanu believes that the incident with the attempt of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to fly by plane via the air border of the Republic was a planned provocation. He declared it in interview to television channel Antena 3, the quotes Associated Press. The Minister stressed that policies deliberately created a situation that aggravates relations between the two countries. “A few days before to go to Transnistria, Rogozin published on Twitter, the information that cross the air border of Romania, and placed the appropriate card to see where it enters and where it leaves,” said Melescanu. At the time of publication of news such posts in the microblog the Deputy head of the Russian government was not. The Minister said that the Deputy Prime Minister “wanted to demonstrate that the sanctions applied by the EU against some officials

The new Director of the White house communications dismissed

Anthony’s Scaramucci Anthony’s Scaramucci leaves the position of Director of White house communications just 10 days after his appointment. This was reported on the website of the American administration. “Sir Scaramucci found that it is best to let the chief of staff to John Kelly to start with a clean slate and form my own team. We wish him the best,” — noted in a press release. As reported by the newspaper The New York Times, three sources, the decision to dismiss Scaramucci was made President of the United States Donald trump at the suggestion of Kelly, and at the meeting in the morning of Monday, July 31, he made clear to his colleagues. White house spokesman Sarah Sanders said at a briefing that Scaramucci left the US administration and has in her other posts. “He has no role at this point in the administration of the tramp” — leads

The US imposed sanctions against Maduro

Nicolas Maduro The U.S. Treasury announced sanctions against the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. This is stated in the message on the Agency’s website. According to the decision, all assets Maduro to U.S. jurisdiction are frozen, and U.S. citizens are prohibited from doing business with him. Maduro was included in the sanctions list on the basis of Executive decree providing for the imposition of restrictive measures against the Venezuelan officials responsible, according to Washington, for “undermining democracy.” As noted, sanctions were imposed on the day following the elections to the National constitutional Assembly (NCA), which aims “to illegally usurp the constitutional role of democratically elected national Assembly to rewrite the Constitution and install an authoritarian regime.” The Department called Maduro a “dictator ignoring the will of the Venezuelan people”. “Punishing Maduro, the United States clearly declare our opposition to the policy of his regime and our support for the people of

He will discuss with Rogozin incident with Romania in Tehran

Photo: 360tv.EN Moldovan President Igor Dodon said the Agency RIA “Novosti”, August 5, will discuss with the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin, the incident with the prohibition of Romania to fly the Russian side to Chisinau to Tehran for the inauguration of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Previously the same, the head of Moldova said in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”. Yes, I will be meeting with Dmitry Rogozin in Tehran. Discuss what didn’t get to talk to Chisinau this week — said Igor Dodon,otmetiv that one of the topics will ban Romania In Bucharest have previously said that the reaction of Rogozin to failure in flight into Chisinau is inappropriate. On Friday, the authorities under the pretext of “sanctioned person” on the plane was not given permission to cross its airspace to the flight of the Russian airline S7, which flew 165 passengers, including 11 children.

Rogozin decided to meet Dodon in Iran

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that he plans on 5 August to meet with President of Moldova Igor Dodon at the inauguration of Iranian President Rouhani in Tehran. He said this on air of TV channel “Russia 24”, RIA “Novosti”. “We will be together for the inauguration of the new Iranian President Rouhani in Tehran and there is scheduled for our meeting on the sidelines of these celebrations,” – said Rogozin. According to him, his Dodon “is a serious conversation.” “We need assurances, more to test my patience and trust in the guarantees that these parochial nationalists we can’t. We need clear guarantees that will be able to provide normal dialogue,” – said Deputy Prime Minister. He also added that he had a week scheduled to meet with President of the unrecognized Transnistria Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The student made for the exhibition Lego the minimalist figure: worm

The student made for the exhibition Lego the minimalist figure: worm Finnish writer Joel Williams saw an exhibition of children’s figures from the Lego minimalistic work: 12-year-old Riley portrayed the worm. Using only one detail Lego. Riley, you’re a genius. — Joel Willans (@Joelwillans) 30 Jul 2017 During the download an error has occurred.”Riley, you’re a genius” The job Riley is now compared with the works of Mark Rothko and the schoolboy tipped as a future artist-minimalist, or at least a great marketer. He clearly stole the idea: Rothko”s “Lego Worm” ’59. — T (@mgtilford) 30 Jul 2017 During the download an error has occurred.”He obviously stole the idea: here is a “LEGO-worm” Rothko” I’ll be looking for Riley’s first exhibition in the Tate in a few years. I’ve known conceptual artists who didn’t have half his vision. — Dazy Graves (@Missdazygraves) 30 Jul 2017 During the download


Kimono-coat Japanese women restricts high efficiency of labour in the country. Despite a significant reduction in the gender gap in wages in Japan in the last 25 years, women continue to lose due to the accepted model of personnel management and culture-based remuneration for overtime work, the study said Hara Hiromi Research Institute of economy, trade and industry (RIETI). Although from 1990 to 2016, the gender gap index was reduced from 40 to 27.8 points, the difference in pay levels between men and women in Japan remains one of the highest in the OECD (worse the situation is in South Korea and Estonia). The decrease was mainly due to the smoothing inequality of human capital (e.g. education), says the researcher. At the same time in one of the most developed world economies in the world Japanese women continue to face “glass ceilings” and “sticky floors”: the career for them is

The decision about the return of sobering-up stations in Russia left on completion

Yevgeny Bryun The final decision on the return of the system of sobering-up stations in Russia is still pending. This was stated by RIA Novosti, the chief narcologist of the country Yevgeny Bryun. The question, according to him, remains in the revision. In the autumn of last year, Brune said that such institutions will be opened in 11 cities, which will host world Cup games in 2018. Each region will independently decide to which Department they shall be carried to the bodies of internal Affairs or of health. The idea was supported by the representatives of the fan environment. The head of the fans club Russia Unities Eduard Latypov said that many football fans arriving in a new country or city, can never appear at the stadium, spending all that time at the bar. The football championship in the summer of 2018 will be held in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod,

Distributed presidential grants for NGOs

Sergei Kiriyenko The published results of the first in the 2017 competition of grants of the President of Russia on development of civil society. Monday, July 31, at meeting of coordination Committee for conducting tenders for granting of presidential grants addressed the issue of the formation of the final list of winners. Suggestions on the list have formed the joint expert Council of 20 July, on the outcome of the 460 independent experts. Just submitted for the competition more than 6.6 thousands of requests granted 970 applications of NGOs from different regions of Russia. Applications were distributed in 12 of the grant areas. Earlier, the Chairman of the coordinating Committee for holding the competitions for grants, the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko promised that non-profit organizations that are unable to qualify to receive the presidential grant, will help you understand your mistakes. According to him, members