The Romanian foreign Minister has accused Rogozin’s political provocation

Theodore Melescanu

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Romania Teodor Melescanu believes that the incident with the attempt of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to fly by plane via the air border of the Republic was a planned provocation. He declared it in interview to television channel Antena 3, the quotes Associated Press.

The Minister stressed that policies deliberately created a situation that aggravates relations between the two countries. “A few days before to go to Transnistria, Rogozin published on Twitter, the information that cross the air border of Romania, and placed the appropriate card to see where it enters and where it leaves,” said Melescanu. At the time of publication of news such posts in the microblog the Deputy head of the Russian government was not.

The Minister said that the Deputy Prime Minister “wanted to demonstrate that the sanctions applied by the EU against some officials who included in the black list and have no rights to travel or to cross in transit the territory of States-members of the EU, it does not work”.

On July 30, Melescanu who planned the flights from Astana, where he participated in the exhibition “Expo-2017”, transit through Moscow, has changed plans and did not visit the Russian capital. The foreign Ministry of Romania explained that the rescheduling of flights.

Two days earlier a plane of S7 airlines, on Board of which was Rogozin, flying to Chisinau for talks with President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, was not allowed into the airspace of Romania. The liner had to go to a reserve airfield in Minsk.

Deputy Prime Minister called it “an obvious provocation” that it was difficult to anticipate, as this route is often used. The Russian politician wrote about this emotional post to Twitter with a promise to “answer”, but later the record was deleted.