Rogozin told about plans of Russia to continue supplying rocket engines to USA

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Moscow has no plans to stop delivery of rocket engines in the United States. He told about it on air of TV channel “Russia 24”. “We see all the strengths and weaknesses of the United States. We take note of the slogan “the Cosmos out of politics,” but nothing lasts forever,” — said Rogozin, noting that the U.S. does not cease cooperation with Russia in the space sector, because “they can’t launch their missiles”. The Deputy Prime Minister said that the matter belongs to the competence of the President of Russia and the security Council. Russian scientific-production Association “Energomash” has in its portfolio two major contracts with American partners. First the company provides in USA RD-180 engines for heavy rocket Atlas V, the second — the RD-181 for Antares secondary. The cost of the first contract exceeds a billion dollars, the second

Tillerson explained the new sanctions the United States desire to be friends with Russia

Rex TeleradioMoldova: the Federation Council was called Jesuit logic, a statement by the state Department on sanctions for the sake of friendship The introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions approved by the us Congress means the US desire to see Russia’s steps to improve bilateral relations. This is stated in a written statement, us Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, published on Saturday, July 29, at the state Department website. “The almost unanimous vote in the [House and Senate] Congress on the bill on sanctions reflects the strong will of the American people, who wants Russia took steps to improve relations with the United States,” — the document says. Tillerson also expressed hope for cooperation “on major global issues” between the two countries, noting that sanctions will not need. “We will work closely with our friends and allies to make sure that our message to Russia, Iran, and North Korea is clearly

Rogozin called provocation incident in the airspace of Romania

Dmitry Rogozin Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said the incident with the flight of S7 airlines in the airspace of Romania planned provocation. He declared it on air of TV channel “Russia 24”. “It is an obvious provocation, which is difficult to foresee, because the route was frequently used. They (the Romanian authorities — approx. “Of the”) jeopardized the flight of civil aircraft”, — said Russian politician, adding that the provocation was committed not only towards him but also towards the Moldovan citizens who flew on the same flight. Rogozin said that next week will discuss with the Moldovan President and the failure of the visit to Chisinau. “I plan to soon, in a week, to meet with the President of Moldova Igor Dodon. We will be at the inauguration of the new Iranian President Rouhani, and scheduled our appointment. Of course, it will be a serious conversation,

Klintsevich called the new sanctions a Testament to the degradation of power in the United States

Photo: The support by the U.S. Senate of the law on anti-Russian sanctions indicates the degradation of the American government, which is becoming increasingly unpredictable, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich. The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed the law on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. Now the law will be sent for signature to President Donald Trump, who has the right to veto it. “The adoption of the law on anti-Russian sanctions by the U.S. Senate and earlier by the house of representatives demonstrates the imbalance of power in this country, about its erosion. I think that in General this process can be described as the degradation of power in decision-making it is becoming more and more unpredictable,” — said Klintsevich his press service. As a result, the Senator noted, the absolutization of American interests brought to extreme

Russia took the first place among CIS countries according to the openness of criminal statistics

Photo: RIA Novosti In the rating of openness of criminal statistics from 115 countries of Russia for the year rose by 16 positions and ranked 25, being on the first place among former USSR countries; these data are reflected in the annual survey of WWWF. On Friday, July 28, “the” has informed the chief of legal statistics and information technology of the Prosecutor General of Russia Oleg Insarov. World Wide Web Foundation (WWWF), an international nonprofit organization for development issues and accessibility, annually publishes the Open Data Barometer study. It assesses how world governments own statistics reveal and what it provides social and economic benefits. The ranking of openness of criminal statistics, were Canada, Israel, Korea, Mexico and the UK. While Portugal was on the 34th place, Ukraine — on the 44 place, Kazakhstan — 59, China — 71, Belarus — 93. Insarov noted that a large contribution to

The Cabinet approved the agreement on cultural cooperation with Brazil

Photo: RIA Novosti The Russian government has approved a draft agreement with Brazil on the establishment and activities of cultural centres. On Friday, July 28, reported on the website of the Russian Cabinet. “The signing of the agreement will promote the development of cultural, humanitarian, informational and educational cooperation between Russia and Brazil”, — the document says. “The Russian foreign Ministry instructed to hold negotiations with the Brazilian side and on reaching the arrangement to sign the agreement on behalf of the government”, — is specified in the order. The full text of the relevant order Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev from July 25, available at the link. Among the measures that will be taken after the conclusion of the agreement, indicating the opening of the Russian centre of science and culture in Sao Paulo, Brazilian cultural center in Moscow, exhibitions, screenings, performances, presentations, lectures and seminars in both countries, organization

In Switzerland, opened a half-kilometer suspension bridge

In Switzerland, opened a half-kilometer suspension bridge In the Swiss Canton of Valais has opened the longest suspension bridge in the world. Its length was 494 meters. On Saturday, July 29, according to 20 minuten. The bridge width is 65 meters, was opened in Zermatt, which is considered one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland. The building is named in honor of Charles Cooney, businessman and winemaker who donated 100 thousand Swiss francs for its construction. Zermatt: ‘Longest’ hanging pedestrian bridge opens in Switzerland Google Pixel (@GooglePixel_) 29 Jul 2017 During the download an error has occurred. The cost of the bridge, located at an altitude of about 80 meters above the ground, amounted to a total of 730 thousand francs. In its construction, except for the administration of Zermatt, also attended neighboring municipalities Grächen, St. Niklaus, Randa and täsch. A nearly 500m bridge for hikers billed

The pilot said, what happens if you open the door of an airplane

The pilot said, what happens if you open the door of an airplane “Depressurization of the cabin pull the oxygen mask to face and begin to breathe,” — many familiar instructions, dry as an autumn leaf, not talks about what is really happening around, when a passenger finds himself in a depressurized plane. Pilot named Patrick Smith told the newspaper The Independent, what happens if someone decides to open a plane door at a height of 11 000 m. First, the passenger who opened the door itself in and out, “having taken” with a nearby people.Patrick Simpilot Most uncontrolled razgermetizatsii is due to failures in the structural integrity of the aircraft and lack of repair. Good that they occur very rarely. When this happens, passengers have about 15-20 seconds in the mind to have time to pull the oxygen mask and perhaps to help the child close. If this is

“Perestavliaut the car,” Mara Baghdasaryan fined for driving without a license

Mara Baghdasaryan In Moscow for 15 thousand rubles fined stritreysery Mara Baghdasaryan for driving without a license (article 12.7 of the administrative code), reports REN TV on Thursday 27 July. According to the channel, recently, he changed the place of registration in Moscow in the Tver region. Thus, previously appointed by the court of correctional work, it will be held in a different region. However, my car Baghdasaryan to re-register did not have time. For this, the cops are going to get her a separate penalty (article 19.22 of the administrative code). The girl was detained Wednesday evening, July 26, at Olof Palme street driving a Mercedes near the observation deck on the Sparrow hills, writes “The girl was not in possession of documents”, — said in the Metropolitan Chapter of the Ministry of internal Affairs. For this Mare on the spot fined (article 12.3 of the administrative code)