The pilot said, what happens if you open the door of an airplane

The pilot said, what happens if you open the door of an airplane

“Depressurization of the cabin pull the oxygen mask to face and begin to breathe,” — many familiar instructions, dry as an autumn leaf, not talks about what is really happening around, when a passenger finds himself in a depressurized plane.

Pilot named Patrick Smith told the newspaper The Independent, what happens if someone decides to open a plane door at a height of 11 000 m.

First, the passenger who opened the door itself in and out, “having taken” with a nearby people.Patrick Simpilot

Most uncontrolled razgermetizatsii is due to failures in the structural integrity of the aircraft and lack of repair. Good that they occur very rarely.

When this happens, passengers have about 15-20 seconds in the mind to have time to pull the oxygen mask and perhaps to help the child close. If this is not done, it becomes impossible to breathe, drastically hurts the ears and teeth. After that comes the inevitable hypoxia and loss of consciousness, which leads to death.

Because quick response to the winning of the panel above the chair, an oxygen mask is extremely important, while the pilot is trying to fly a plane.

However, don’t fret too much: the door of the aircraft, flying at high speed is extremely difficult to open and the Windows Windows can withstand enormous pressure.