Rogozin called nonsense information about their arrival to Moldova on military aircraft

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin © Alexander Astafyev/press service of the Russian government/TASS MOSCOW, July 21. /TASS/. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called nonsense information about the fact that he will arrive in Moldova by plane of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation during the visit of the Russian delegation, which is scheduled to visit Chisinau on the occasion of 25-anniversary of the beginning of the peacekeeping operation in Transnistria. “Strange people. First got the idea that I’m going to them on a military plane [on the TU-160?], and then believing in that stuff, made a fuss”, – Rogozin wrote on his Twitter page.

Bahrain has denied the information about the mitigation requirements of the Arab countries to Qatar

Ahmed al-Saati Recent media reports about changes in the list of demands of the Arab countries to Qatar are not true. This was told RIA Novosti, the Ambassador of Bahrain in Russia Ahmad al-Saati. “The list has not changed (…) we Have nothing new in this regard”, — said the diplomat. July 20, media reports, citing diplomats of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt reported that four States have declared a boycott of Qatar, no longer insist on the implementation of the Emirate 13 of the terms of the ultimatum. It was noted that countries insist on the implementation of the six points. In particular, we are talking about suspension of Doha acts of provocation and terrorism, refusal of providing financial assistance to terrorist organizations, non-interference in the internal Affairs of other States. 22 Jun Qatar gave a list of 13 demands, which included the closure of the AlJazeera TV

The Afghan military was killed in a mistaken U.S. strike

The Afghan soldiers were killed in a mistaken U.S. attack in Helmand province. On Friday, July 21, reported the us military, reports Reuters. It is noted that the country’s authorities have already reported the incident. The exact number of victims is not reported. The airstrike was inflicted by day July 21, during the operation, which the Afghan security forces carried out with the support of the United States. The attack was made on camp, where there were military. Declared non-combat NATO mission “Resolute support” is in Afghanistan since the beginning of 2015. According to the agreement between the command of the Alliance and Kabul, in Afghanistan there are about 12 thousand soldiers, they train and advise law enforcement agencies of the Islamic Republic.

Bostonians learn to combat Islamophobia pictures

In the American city of Boston in the next six months will appear posters with instructions for combating Islamophobia. By pictures the residents will explain how to behave in case they begin to insult Muslims. About it reports The Guardian. Over 50 posters will be located in the public areas, particularly at bus stops. At present some posters already in the streets. — Kevin Montgomery (@kevinmonty) March 12, 2017, 04:16 The author of the pictures became Marie-Shireen Jenner. In September of last year she posted their pictures on the social network Tumblr. According to her, it was a response to “a wave of Islamophobia that swept France.” She, in particular, advises to approach people that are attacked, and to make conversation with him on any topic. “You can talk about anything: about the film, which is like, about the weather (…) Look them in the eye, pretend not to notice

The Polish Ambassador in the US said about the fear over Russian-Belarusian exercises

Photo: RIA Novosti Eastern European countries are in the atmosphere of “fear and uncertainty” in connection with the upcoming military exercises of Russia and Belarus “West-2017,” said Poland’s Ambassador to the U.S. Peter Wilczek. Exercises “West-2017” will be held 14-20 September on the territory of Belarus. “Because of the lack of transparency we don’t know much about it (exercise – ed.). It is a danger, especially for Ukraine, but also for other countries. It is a potential threat. I’m not saying that something will happen, some sort of attack or provocation against a NATO member. But, nevertheless, there is an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, especially associated with the (teachings) of the “West,” said Wilczek, speaking at Uspenskom security forum in the United States. Previously, a number of NATO countries have expressed concern over the upcoming exercises. So, the defense Ministry of Lithuania has prepared a report on threats to

Atlantic: The assistant to Congressman Rohrabacher fired for ties with Russia

Photo: Assistant to the Congressman-Republican This Rohrabacher Paul Berends dismissed from his post in the foreign Affairs Committee of the house of representatives of the United States because of its ties with Russia, reports The Atlantic. As told to a representative of the Committee, Paul Berendt no longer works in the Committee. According to Atlantic, the dismissal was connected with the emergence of reports about the fact that he maintains relationships with Pro-Russian lobbyists. According to one of the anonymous sources, the dismissal occurred under the pressure of the head of the Committee on foreign Affairs ed Royce. In 2016 Dana Rohrabacher visited Moscow, where, according to him, received from the Prosecutor’s office against the “Magnitsky act”. It is noted that, Berends accompanied Rohrabacher on the trip. The congressmen went to Moscow, despite concerns from the American Embassy.

Putin: we need to solve the problems of citizens who are illegal immigrants in 2002

Photo: The problems of the citizens, appeared in 2002 in the status of illegal immigrants after the adoption of the law on citizenship, need to be addressed, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. During the meeting of the Council under the RF President on interethnic relations Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Russian public movement “Russian Congress of peoples of the Caucasus” Aslambek Paskachev noted that after the adoption in 2002 of the law on citizenship of the order of 100 thousand people “were thrown overboard” because of the fact that the people coming in this year in Russia, are unable to obtain permission to stay in the country or citizenship after the adoption of the law on citizenship. “It’s mostly Russian, who, because of violation of terms was, in fact, illegal. Expel them nowhere, because the citizenship they are already there, and socialization we are

Gracefully floating Corgi conquered social media

Gracefully floating Corgi conquered social media The life of this dog would be envied by many. The hostess Corgi named Zero has brought your pet a private instagram account, which has already collected 50.4 thousand subscribers. There she posts photos and videos of your pet that always gather rave reviews. Publication of Zero Hussein Corgibutt Marie (@corgi_zero) Jul 15 2017 5:02 PDT During the download an error has occurred. One of the last video Zero swimming in the pool, and the woman from the bottom takes it to the GoPro. Incredibly cute and funny. Publication of Zero Hussein Corgibutt Marie (@corgi_zero) Jul 19 2017 4:20 PDT During the download an error has occurred. On another video Zero already engaged in synchronized swimming — turned out really professionally. Publication of Zero Hussein Corgibutt Marie (@corgi_zero) Jul 20 2017 at 4:36 PDT During the download an error has occurred. In honor of

Rosturizm fixes numerous requests from those wishing to go on tours to Greece

Rosturizm fixes numerous requests from those wishing to go on tours to Greece The Ministry said that the tour operators are ready to provide travelers with all necessary support. 11фотографий11фотографий11фотографий MOSCOW, July 21. /TASS/. Rosturizm reports of a significant number of calls to the hotline with questions about the early completion or abandonment of tours to Greece and Turkey in connection with the earthquake in the Aegean sea. Relevant information is available on the Agency’s website. As the message says, there are “numerous appeals from citizens with questions about the early completion of the tour or no tour acquired” in connection with the incident at the Friday night earthquake in the Aegean sea. The Department explained that in the current situation, tourists have the right to apply to the tour operator a statement on early termination of the tour or cancellation, however, “in accordance with the legislation of the Russian