Lavrov expressed hope for the fulfillment of U.S. obligations in the matter of departmenti

Moscow hopes that the implementation of Washington’s international obligations in the matter of the Russian diplomatic property in the United States. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov after negotiations with the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini, RIA Novosti reported. “As for the question about the Russian diplomatic property in the United States, we see this situation and still hope that the United States as a country that has always advocated the rule of law, will respect its international obligations. Otherwise, under the laws of diplomacy we will have to take retaliatory measures,” he said. Earlier media reported about the plans of Moscow to send 30 American diplomats and the seizure of many properties of the USA in Russia. On such measures, the foreign Ministry is ready to go after Washington’s decision not to return belonging to the Russian dipvedomstva property in the United

The state Department confirmed the upcoming meeting between Shannon and Ryabkova

US Undersecretary of state Thomas Shannon will hold talks with Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov on July 17 in Washington. On Tuesday, July 11, at the briefing said state Department spokesman Heather Nauert, reports Reuters. According to her, Shannon “prepared thoroughly for this meeting and looking for areas for discussion.” The preparation of the meeting was discussed on 3 June during the meeting of Shannon with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. Presumably, one of the topics of conversation will be the arrest of Russian gipsobetonnye in the United States in December 2016. June 21, Ryabkov said that Moscow refuses bilateral consultations with Washington on the problems in relations after the expansion of us sanctions. “The situation is not conducive to carrying out rounds of this dialogue, especially since the content for it is not reached”, — said the diplomat. 20 June, the American Ministry of Finance has

The Russian foreign Ministry called abnormal existence of EU sanctions and the US against Syria

Moscow considers abnormal with the existence of EU sanctions and the US against Syria. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after talks with the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini in Brussels, reports RIA Novosti “We have discussed with our colleagues on this, I believe, an abnormal situation. Sanctions have largely prevented the production of necessities in the SAR, including the pharmaceutical industry, which was in Syria always very well developed, and now she’s cut those sanctions, the prohibitions that our Western colleagues have imposed,” said Lavrov. In turn, Mogherini said that Sanctions policy of the European Union against Syria are directed against individuals, not the Syrian people. In the sanctions list of the EU in relation to Syria, there are 240 individuals and legal entities. 67 the Restrictive measures include, in particular, an oil embargo, restrictions for certain investments, the freezing of assets of Syrian Central

Experience the world of recycling

Experience the world of recycling Clothing, art installations, and other ways to use waste for useful purposes. With the advancement of technology the problem of recycling needs to become less relevant. Scientific inventions lead to new, albeit not the most conventional solutions. In some countries, the innovative ideas already being implemented. Sorting The most famous and one of the most effective ways is to sort the garbage. For example, in Switzerland in 2000, authorities banned the construction of landfills. The bulk of the waste went for recycling, the rest were burned. At the same time in each container is placed a certain kind of waste: separately collected glass, old clothes, batteries, paper, organic food and other waste types. Violators are punished with high fines. Burning Another successful example of recycling demonstrates Sweden. Not far from Stockholm operates the largest and most powerful recycling plant: it makes people unnecessary junk in

Runet lost on the stability of the Internet system of Bangladesh and Romania

Runet lost on the stability of the Internet system of Bangladesh and Romania Russia fell in the world ranking of the stability of the national segment of the Internet. Government policy of centralization and communication systems of the Runet makes it all the more vulnerable, experts say. In 2017 Russia took the 13th place in the world for sustainability of the national segment of the Internet for possible disruptions, according to the annual rating of the company Qrator Labs, working to counter DDoS attacks (have RBC). In their study, the company analyzed how the Internet and national segments of the Internet of other countries (244 covered by the state) dependent on the work of one particular operator, and what percentage of other operators in the region will lose connection with the world in the event of a failure in his work. On the first positions of the ranking are Germany,

Clip Gangnam Style has ceased to be the most popular video

Clip Gangnam Style has ceased to be the most popular video Clip Gangnam Style by South Korean artist Psy, which YouTube have moved to 64-bit system, the number of views, ceased to be the most popular video on YouTube. It surpassed the number of views a video with the song See You Again from the film “furious 7”. Video song performed by wiz Khalifa and Charlie Put, has 2 895 552 454 hits, hit the South— 2 894 479 586. FilmFast And Furious 7 7.7 This means that the total amount of time hits See You Again is 21 759 years. That is, to one person I looked up to this point, this video as many times as it was viewed on YouTube, he would have to start watching the video during the last glacial maximum. The song See You Again was recorded for the soundtrack of the movie “fast

Prisoner Tagil colony asked Putin to deprive him of his citizenship

The man, who is serving sentence in a penal colony in Nizhny Tagil, addressed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on deprivation of citizenship of the Russian Federation. It is reported portal YouTube video available with the prisoner, recorded at a meeting with members of Public monitoring Committee on 4 July. Prisoner male Hrytsak explained that he wanted to renounce the citizenship, because it does not comply with its legal rights and interests guaranteed by the Constitution. “I was subjected to tortures and torment,” said he, referring in this regard Nurmagomedov Maxim, Deputy chief of a corrective colony №5 in the Sverdlovsk region. According to condemned, he complained to the Prosecutor’s office, but nothing changed. “In 2016 I appealed in writing to the office of the President, and also directly to the President Vladimir Putin with a request to deprive me of my citizenship, and received a written

In the state Duma will create a group for the restoration of friendship with Georgia

Leonid Kalashnikov In the state Duma the restoration of relations between Moscow and Tbilisi will be engaged in the informal working group. This was stated by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Kalashnikov, reports TASS on Tuesday, July 11. He said that the agreement was reached following talks between Russian and Georgian deputies. “While the official group of the Parliament of Georgia is not ready” — said Kalashnikov. According to him, during the meeting the MPs of the two countries also touched upon the issues of simplification of visa regime between the countries. The Committee on CIS Affairs, said that the representatives of the Parliament of Georgia visited the state Duma for the first time in 10 years. The delegation included, in particular, the Chairman of the faction “Alliance of patriots of Georgia” George Lomia. According to “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”, the

Illegally receiving 22 year retired woman exposed in Siberia

A court in the Kemerovo region will consider a criminal case against a local resident, which is accused of illegal pension for 22 years. About it reports a press-service gumvd in the region. Employees of economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry in the city of Myski conducted an audit at the request of local office of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). It turned out that the woman in 1994, having Russian citizenship and registration of residence in the Kemerovo region, issued a retirement pension. “However, at the time the defendant was already a recipient of a similar benefit in another state, where at the time lived,” explained the police. The woman did not notify the FIU about moving and getting foreign citizenship. So she illegally received pension of two States. All it in Russia contributed more than 1.2 million rubles. Criminal liability for the illegal receipt