Clip Gangnam Style has ceased to be the most popular video

Clip Gangnam Style has ceased to be the most popular video

Clip Gangnam Style by South Korean artist Psy, which YouTube have moved to 64-bit system, the number of views, ceased to be the most popular video on YouTube. It surpassed the number of views a video with the song See You Again from the film “furious 7”.

Video song performed by wiz Khalifa and Charlie Put, has 2 895 552 454 hits, hit the South— 2 894 479 586.

FilmFast And Furious 7 7.7

This means that the total amount of time hits See You Again is 21 759 years.

That is, to one person I looked up to this point, this video as many times as it was viewed on YouTube, he would have to start watching the video during the last glacial maximum.

The song See You Again was recorded for the soundtrack of the movie “fast and furious 7” as the memory of actor Paul Walker, who tragically died in a car accident in 2013, not having time to finish shooting the movie.

For the first six months after the publication of the video had been viewed over a billion times. In the Billboard Hot 100, the song was kept in first place for 12 weeks and broke the record for the longest stay at the top of the chart among rap songs. See You Again for a long time kept at the top of the charts in the UK, Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland and other countries.