The Kremlin has expressed its surprise at the media reports about “secret” meeting between Putin and trump

© Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS MOSCOW, July 19. /TASS/. The message the American media that Russian President Vladimir Putin held a “secret” meeting with his American counterpart Donald trump on the sidelines of the held in Hamburg summit “Big twenty”, cause surprise and confusion. On Wednesday in the First channel of said press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov. Earlier, Reuters, citing unnamed White house spokesman said that US presidents and Russia’s Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin held a second meeting on the sidelines of the summit of “twenty” in Hamburg after the official two-hour talks. The Agency has not disclosed the details of the summit, but previously the founder and Director of the international research and consulting firm Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer told that it was in the evening and lasted about an hour.

The staff of the headquarters of the UN evacuated due to fire alarm

The staff of the headquarters of the United Nations in new York were forced to leave their jobs because of the fire alarm. About it reports The Independent. According to the publication, the reason could be a small fire in one of the rooms. Currently, the staff returned to the building. March 23, 2015, it was reported about the fire that occurred on the ground floor of the General Assembly, where there are souvenir shops. The fire was liquidated by employees of fire service of the UN and the fire Department of new York. The cause of the fire was a short circuit.

Russia has agreed to nominate a new U.S. Ambassador

John Huntsman Russia gave its agrement to the nomination of Jon Huntsman as United States Ambassador in Moscow. About it as transfers “Interfax”, said on Wednesday, July 19, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on air of the TV channel “Russia-1”. “We gave,” said Ryabkov, noting that Moscow is “well aware of the biography of Mr Huntsman, I understand that it is high professional, the person who has strong beliefs, very experienced, who has seen much.” “He is a big businessman with a large fortune, a man of serious convictions,” added Ryabkov. Referring to the track record and past Huntsman, a Deputy foreign Minister said, “I don’t think in today’s America or even just in the media field can find at least someone against whom you can’t dig up the material, which is then present in the media.” The huntsman is the head of the Atlantic Council, he also heads

Putin joked about the possibility Chemezov to buy ice cream with profit

Russian President Vladimir Putin, buying ice-cream at the pavilion of the Roscosmos at MAKS, joked the head of state Corporation “rostec” Sergey Chemezov, the correspondent of “Газеты.Ru”. The President chose a Cup of the Vologda ice-cream and gave the seller a thousand rubles, but when she began to look for change, the President has decided to treat all the others. Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov took the same ice cream that the President and press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov has asked horns “from Cow Korenovki”. “Check if enough”, — said Putin on the seller apologized and said he lost count. Then Sergey Chemezov, gave the woman a five-thousandth bill. “Profit this year you have some 80 billion. Can afford to buy ice cream,” said Putin. In the afternoon of 18 July, Putin arrived at the international air show MAKS-2017 in

Peskov said Putin treated the members of the government ice cream

Photo: Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov told that Vladimir Putin was treated to ice cream during a visit to the MAKS air show a few people, and paying for it, kind of opened a credit line at the ice cream stand. When asked to explain whether the impressive amount of several thousand rubles, given for dessert the President and the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov, the fact that the seller has not named a price or a confusion in the denominations, Peskov said: “I’m not a seller of ice cream”. “Putin paid money for ice cream, ice cream many people took the money and ate delicious ice cream. Then, by the way, come back to it when you were demonstration flights. And who is there with than figured out, I, unfortunately, do not know”, — added the press Secretary of the President. Sands agreed that the President has

Russia calls for restraint in resolving the Korean Peninsula

Photo: RIA Novosti Moscow continues to advocate denuklearizatsii the Korean Peninsula and urges all sides to show restraint, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “The Russian position has not changed: we continue to favor denuklearizatsii the Korean Peninsula and the continuation of political and diplomatic efforts from all sides and urge all sides to show restraint and to avoid any sudden movements that may provoke further tensions,” – said the representative of the Kremlin. On the question of whether the theme of the DPRK’s nuclear programme to be discussed at the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with permanent members of the security Council, Peskov said that “the theme of the Korean nuclear issue and the missile issue has been discussed and continues to be discussed within the framework of the exchange of views in the course of this operational meeting”. “When we say “topical international and

Head of SpaceX stands for the international competition for the development of Mars

Head of SpaceX stands for the international competition for the development of Mars WASHINGTON, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. The head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk believes that the development of Mars should come in the form of “friendly competition”, and not as an international project. About this businessman said Wednesday at the conference on the use and development of technology for the International space station (ISS), responding to the comment of the representative of NASA that the Mars mission will be “a multinational force”. “Friendly competition is a good option,” said Musk. On the question of whether or not he believes that after 100 years after the creation of human colonies on Mars, a possible war between the settlers, he replied: “On Mars surface a lot, but not so many people.” Martian US program, which was developed under the previous administration of Barack Obama, suggests a manned mission

Russia is among the five worst countries for retirees

Russia is among the five worst countries for retirees Russia took the 40th place out of 43 possible in the Global retirement index 2017 (prepared by the Finance Corporation Natixis), which shows how comfortable it is to retire in a particular country. During the year, the place of Russia has not changed. In 2017 at the three last lines are located Brazil, Greece and India. This is evidenced by the results of a study of the French financial Corporation Natixis. Over the Russian Federation was Turkey. Thus, the top 5 worst for retirees States as follows: Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Greece and India. While the leaders were Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden and New Zealand. Germany took seventh place, USA — 17, France — 19th. The calculation uses four key factors influencing the final grade: the level of health care, pensions, quality of life, financial well-being. Each of them is measured in

The city Council of Omsk dismissed the mayor to resign

Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky Members of the city Council of Omsk has accepted the resignation of the mayor Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky. This was reported on the website of the city administration on Wednesday, July 19. Acting mayor appointed first Deputy mayor, Director of Department of municipal economy Sergey Frolov, the report says. According to “Superomsk” around the question of resignation of the mayor, the powers of which expired on July 11, sparked fierce debate. In particular, the Deputy of the city Council from the Communist party faction Nikolai Eglit called Dvorakovsky to work to elect a new mayor. “I have not a request, but wish to pass the baton to the newly selected mayor with honor and do not hold today that such a procedure”, — quotes the Deputy of the publication. The Chairman of the city Council Galina Gorst, in turn, acknowledged that the completion of office of mayor was a force

Tambov pensioner got burns from water from the store

In Tambov investigators are checking on the fact of receiving a 60-year-old pensioner burns of internal organs after the use of drinking water purchased in the store. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia. 18 Jul retired, as expected, bought a bottle of drinking water in the shopping pavilion at the bus stop. “Having arrived at the cottage, the man poured water into the glass and drank, then immediately felt bad. Relatives of a pensioner was taken to hospital”, — noted in the text. The victim was diagnosed with toxic poisoning cauterizing liquid and burns to internal organs. Currently his condition is stable. Of the trade pavilion and the base of the provider is withdrawn, all the water of the same brand for physical-chemical studies. There aimed the bottle, which was purchased by the man. June 26 in the intensive care