The Meteorologist responded to the criticism got wet in the rain Zhirinovsky

The Meteorologist responded to the criticism got wet in the rain Zhirinovsky

Chief specialist meteorologist Marina Makarova in response to criticism of politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky said about the impossibility “to predict the time of occurrence of rain clouds over the head of every man”. About it writes on Wednesday, July 5, RIA Novosti.

“The new website of the hydrometeorological center launched a predictive map of rainfall two hours ahead. But she did not give an absolute precision,” — said Makarov.

She also stated the impropriety of the proposal of the leader of the LDPR faction in the state Duma to accelerate Mediamat due to inaccurate forecasts, since such a structure does not exist, reports TASS. “In Moscow the forecast current and next day produces the Central Directorate of hydrometeorological service. MOE in his newsletter too, it refers to this unit. Perhaps Zhirinovsky was just a long time to pronounce this name, and it reduced us to Rosgidrometa,” — said the forecaster.

Makarov added that the weather is very unstable, which complicates the prediction. “Rains and even showers can be a local phenomenon, or to be in some compressed period of time,” she explained.

Earlier, Zhirinovsky said that the first got soaked in the rain on July 4 and was proposed to close Rosgidromet. “Not because I got wet, but because we are all out the window look at the sky, and they’re probably in the basement” — the politician said, noting that forecasters have to report about heavy rain at least 20 minutes before him.

On 3 July the Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov said that in the middle of summer in the country is expected to natural disasters due to extreme temperatures, rain and gusty winds. Prior to that, he acted to penalize individual officials in Rosgidromettsentrom for inaccurate and untimely forecasts.