Wanted in the case of resonant deadly road accident in Moscow have detained in Germany

The German police detained Russians Alexander Lomov wanted in the case of a fatal accident in Moscow, reports REN TV Monday, July 17.

What was the reason for the detention was not specified. According to the channel, the German law enforcement authorities have asked Russian colleagues to confirm the information about the search Lomov, as well as the documents required for extradition.

13 December 2016, he allegedly was driving a Mercedes owned by Karen Gulbaran. On Bauman street a car at high speed, skidded onto the sidewalk, where it knocked down a pedestrian 27 — year-old Yuri Karpov. From the received traumas the man died on the spot.

According to REN TV, the Scrap dumped the car, erasing their fingerprints left in the cabin. However, on 21 December, the person who was behind the wheel of the man was identified and he was declared wanted.

Lomov father told investigators that his son was in any accident is not involved and is a month abroad.

13 July in the Kaluga region man born in 1985 driving an Audi I brought down to death the inspector of traffic police standing on the traffic island in the form with reflective elements. The culprit was driving in violation of the rules of the road.