The Venezuelan opposition has called for nationwide strike

The Venezuelan opposition on Monday, July 17, after the “people’s referendum” called for a national strike against President Nicolas Maduro in the framework of the protest campaign. About it reports Reuters.

The strike is scheduled for Thursday, July 20, its duration, according to the organizers must be 24 hours.

The opposition have said that it will take steps to create a “national unity government” and call for new nominations of judges of the Supreme court instead of Pro minded.

Opposition leaders have accused Maduro that he ignored the results of the “people’s referendum”. Opponents of the current government require the holding of General elections and protesting against plans to create a constituent Assembly, which must obtain the authority to amend the basic law.

The majority of Venezuelans who took part in the “people’s referendum” were against the initiative, Maduro convene a constituent Assembly. All in voting have taken part more than seven million people. Against the convocation of the new Assembly voted 98 per cent of participants in the plebiscite.

Earlier, Maduro agreed to hold a “popular referendum”, but urged to spend it peacefully and in a relaxed atmosphere. The authorities warned that the results of the vote will not be legally binding, as it is carried out without the approval of the legislators.

In Venezuela several months of continued confrontation between the Maduro and the opposition. The reason for the discontent was a major economic crisis in the country caused by the fall in world oil prices — the main export product. The riots are from the beginning of April, they killed more than 90 people.