The German court allowed the deportation of an alleged Islamist in Russia

The Federal administrative court of Germany allowed the Bremen authorities to deport an alleged Islamist in Russia. About it as transfers TASS, on Monday, July 17, told reporters the representative of the Ministry for internal Affairs of Bremen.

German law enforcement authorities characterized the 18-year-old man from Dagestan as a person, from which comes potential danger. On March 14, he is under deportation arrest.

The suspect, according to investigators, was texting in the messenger Telegram with known to the police by the Islamist from Essen and another man, who was a member of one of operating in Syria for terrorist groups.

Also law enforcement agencies know that the suspect has told about plans to carry out attacks to other members of correspondence.

Lawyers have filed an appeal against the decision of the administrative court the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe. As expected, the decision will be made in the coming days.