The Spaniard has made the exhumation of Salvador Dali. She claims he is her father

The Spaniard has made the exhumation of Salvador Dali. She claims he is her father

In the Spanish town of Figueres in late July, exhumed the body of the artist Salvador Dali. Forensics reported that the remains of well preserved hair and mustache famous surrealist was untouched by time.

Given the body exhumed to establish family ties: the fortune teller from Jaron Maria Pilar Abel Martinez said that she may be the illegitimate daughter of a famous artist. “Medusa” tells how Martinez wants to be recognized as the daughter Given.

Maria Martinez, the fortuneteller on maps of Taro, says that her mother was having an affair with Dali in 1955. She was born in the year 1956. the mother of the woman in the 1950s worked in the small Catalan town of Cadaques, where Dali often visited. Martinez says that in childhood she was told that she is the daughter of the artist.

“I’m really the daughter of Salvador Dali? He’s so ugly!” said Martinez once his mother.

She replied that he was certainly not handsome, but has a special charm, and confirmed that indeed got pregnant from the artist. Mother Martinez was 25 years old, Dali — 51. Martinez herself several times met the artist on the streets of his native city, but close did not communicate with him. She believes that the gift of the prophetess from her biological father.

Martinez has repeatedly tried to prove that she really is the daughter of Salvador Dali. However, until now it did not work: the paternity test can only be done with the exhumation. Permission to exhume the body in June 2017 was issued, the court of Madrid, as no other biological samples with the DNA of the artist left.