Football Amateur League of the Moscow region will take one and a half thousand commands

About 1.5 thousand football teams can enter in Amateur League, Moscow region (Russian FLMO) by 2019. About it reports TV channel “360” Monday, July 24.

Questions, FLLO discussed at the meeting in the Ministry of physical culture and sports region, which was attended by the project organizers and representatives of the departments of sport and football leagues of municipalities of the 15 city districts and districts of the region.

“Football is sport number one in the world in popularity. In the suburbs to football more than 150 thousand fans,” said Minister of physical culture and sports of the Roman Tereshkov.

Funds for the maintenance of the Amateur League will come from team dues, sponsorship and investment players to the professional leagues, it is noted on the website.

27 Jun Tereshkov told about the creation of the “Live sports”. “”The suburbs” is the brand. It is symbolic that the prize we are reviving the 80 year anniversary of our Ministry”, — he said.

7 June it was reported that the regional Ministry of sports signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian state University of tourism and service. It will prepare volunteers for the organization of sporting events, including world Cup 2018.