French police have detained a dangerous robber Kalash

French police Police in France have detained 33-the summer robber, Karim l, who a few months hiding from law enforcement. It is reported by newspaper Le Parisien. Dangerous criminals after an armed robbery in 2012 was known as the Kalash. Then he and his accomplices attacked the house in which lived an elderly couple. The owner has fought back, opening fire with a hunting rifle. However, the raiders killed him, literally isrelative of Kalashnikovs. The court sentenced Karim to 13 years in prison, but six months ago he was released, placing under judicial supervision. Since the killer was hiding from law enforcement. On 2 June it became known about the arrest by the Italian carabinieri one of the bosses of a mafia clan Ndrangheta, Giuseppe Georgie. He was wanted for 23 years. On 22 March it was reported that the captured leader of the powerful clan Pelle-Vottari — Vottari Santo

Unknown red truck stole 10 tons of pork fat in Petersburg

St. Petersburg police is investigating the theft of 10 tons of pork fat from the territory of vegetable warehouse. About it reports on Sunday, June 4, GU MVD of Russia for Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. A statement to the police on June 3 asked the representative of one of the commercial enterprises. According to him, an unknown attacker illegally seized on the basis of vegetable fat in the Kalinin district of the city. Do not pay for the goods, he fled the scene in a Volvo. The guards are searching for the alleged offender. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case. As the “Fontanka”, the owner believes that outstanding fat taken in Karelia. He said that the product was in a red Volvo wagon, which was accompanied by a silver Chevrolet Lacetti. According to the publication, it was found that the truck is registered for 56-year-old St. Petersburg man,

A resident of Izhevsk was walking down the street naked and went to the temple

The unknown woman in Izhevsk took a walk completely naked through the streets, and then went to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. An eyewitness account published in the community “Overheard EGGS” in “Vkontakte”. “Passing by the bus stop in the centre opposite the train ticket office, shot the guy a cigarette and went to the Nevsky Cathedral, Smoking on the road. And went into the temple,” wrote the Izhevsk Andrey Oculist 2 June, attaching to post pictures. He added that the guards and servants of the Church covered up the nakedness of a woman and called an ambulance. “Says undressed herself near the circus, because you danced,” said the Oculist. In September 2015 a naked man wandered into the temple on the Kashira highway in Moscow. 26-year-old young man behaved calmly and did not commit any illegal actions. It gave the doctors from the team of emergency psychiatric care. In July of

Putin has shared details of a meeting with Flynn in 2015

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin said that virtually spoke with a former adviser to U.S. President for national security Michael Flynn at an event in Moscow in 2015. He told about it in interview to TV presenter NBC Megyn Kelly, an excerpt from which is published on the website of the channel on Sunday, June 4. Answering a journalist’s question about meeting with U.S. officials, Putin said: “I’m with you a more personal relationship than Mr. Flynn”. The President said that was sitting next to a former adviser at the event, which was conducted by Russia Today (currently channel called RT) “At the table next to me sat a gentleman. Then I made another about something talked, and I got up and left. And then I said, “You know that this man (…) in the security services worked.” That’s all. I didn’t actually talk,” — said Putin. On June

Putin spoke about his meeting with Flynn in 2015

Putin spoke about his meeting with Flynn in 2015 Vladimir Putin said that he “just talked” with Michael Flynn during their meeting in December 2015 in Moscow. Then the event took place, during which they sat at dinner. Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with NBC said, how was the event in 2015, when he met with Michael Flynn. Less than a month he was an adviser to the us President for national security this year. However, in February resigned because he allegedly discussed with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak possible lifting of US sanctions against Russia. Answering the question of the journalist of Megyn Kelly about meeting Flynn, Putin said “we have a more personal relationship than I have with Mr. Flynn. We met yesterday evening [at the interview], we worked all day together, and now we are once again holding a meeting.” Putin said that

Publication of the first questions to Putin for a straight line

Publication of the first questions to Putin for a straight line On the website of the project “Direct line” has published the first issues of the citizens of Russia that they intend to ask the President of the country Vladimir Putin. The Russians talk about the problems of defrauded real estate investors, please explain what the strong ruble hurts the economy, and share their fears about raising the retirement age. One of the visitors of the site asked why the renovation programme announced in Moscow, “and about the Saint Petersburg forgotten.” “The demolition of Khrushchev in Moscow and Peter all in the Khrushchev, a demolition of several blocks of frozen” — resents it. “When nurses will be assigned a decent salary?” stated in another question. The author notes that now the health worker will receive 13 thousand roubles a month. Citizens also call to toughen the responsibility of officials for

Vice-Governor of Vladimir region have detained on suspicion in bribe

Vice-Governor of Vladimir region have detained on suspicion in bribe The Deputy Governor of the Vladimir region Elena Mazanko detained and placed in a temporary detention facility. She is suspected of receiving a bribe of 3 million rubles. The consequence detained the Vice-Governor of Vladimir region Elena, Masenko on suspicion in receiving a bribe. Told about this TASS the head of the region Svetlana Orlova. Elena Mazanko on the outcome of the департамента — TV MOMENT (@MIG_TV) March 16, 2016 Vice-Governor arrested for 72 hours. The court will make the decision on her arrest at the meeting on 6 June. She is accused of bribery supposedly, 2014, at 1 million and 2 million RUB. Svetlana Olowalu Vladimir region In her opinion, the arrest of the Deputy Governor is a “provocation”, and Mazanko “taken no bribes”. Orlov suggested that the accusation of receiving bribes may be associated with the distribution

Putin joked in response to the greeting of the participants of SPIEF

Russian President Vladimir Putin was joking when members of the St. Petersburg international economic forum, welcomed his standing. “At ease!” he said. This year in the plenary session of SPIEF take part the Prime Minister of India, Narendra modi, Federal Chancellor of Austria, head of Moldova. Upon entering the room the participants of the meeting stood up and applause greeted the Russian leader. The head of state it loud commanding voice said, “at ease!”, than has caused laughter in a hall. The Participants then took their seats. This year a discussion moderated by American TV presenter Megyn Kelly. In her speech she said that she liked St. Petersburg. The St. Petersburg international economic forum, the world’s leading platform for business communication and discussion of key economic issues, is held this year June 1-3. MIA Russia today acts as information partner of the forum.

Dodon said about trying to embroil Moldova with Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti Diplomatic scandal in relations between Moldova and Russia aim to provoke a new rupture of relations between the two countries, but they manage to get through it and become stronger, said the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, at the Saint Petersburg international economic forum. “Very many (good relations and ties with Russia – ed.) do not like. Followed provocation, even in the last days. Diplomatic scandals, the expulsion of diplomats. I think that everyone understands what they want and sought to provoke a new rupture of relations with Russia. To prevent the President of Moldova in its endeavours. But I’m sure we’ll get through this and become stronger”, — said Igor Dodon. Monday may 29, persona non grata was declared five Russian diplomats in Moldova. Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip stated that this decision was made based on information received from intelligence agencies. The decision of

Putin joked about the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin joked about the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, saying that now even the bad weather in Moscow can “blame” on President Donald trump. “Speaking of which, we should be grateful to President Trump today in Moscow, they say, the snow was even here (in St. Petersburg — ed.) rain, cold such. Now you can blame everything on him and on us imperialism. But we will not do this”, — Putin said in a speech at the plenary session of SPIEF. Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump announced his decision to withdraw from the agreement because it was “extremely unfair” to US and could damage their economic interests, will enrich other countries, such as India and China. Instead of Paris, the President proposed to conclude a new agreement, which, according to him, will be more equitable in relation to the