Publication of the first questions to Putin for a straight line

Publication of the first questions to Putin for a straight line

On the website of the project “Direct line” has published the first issues of the citizens of Russia that they intend to ask the President of the country Vladimir Putin. The Russians talk about the problems of defrauded real estate investors, please explain what the strong ruble hurts the economy, and share their fears about raising the retirement age.

One of the visitors of the site asked why the renovation programme announced in Moscow, “and about the Saint Petersburg forgotten.” “The demolition of Khrushchev in Moscow and Peter all in the Khrushchev, a demolition of several blocks of frozen” — resents it.

“When nurses will be assigned a decent salary?” stated in another question. The author notes that now the health worker will receive 13 thousand roubles a month.

Citizens also call to toughen the responsibility of officials for violations. In addition, the Russians have expressed concern that the country occupies a leading position in the production of weapons, but very modest looks in such fields as education, medicine, sports.

Direct line with Vladimir Putin, scheduled for June 15, 2017 should become the 15th bill. Last time it was held on April 14 and lasted 3 hours and 38 minutes. Record duration is considered to be the program of 2013, when the President answered questions in the air 4 hours and 48 minutes. In the course of communication with the head of state citizens turn to him with questions and complaints, primarily on various regional issues.