Putin said that he already has grandchildren

Putin said that he already has grandchildren WASHINGTON, June 9 — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone that he already has grandchildren. In an interview, stone asked her if the Russian President of their grandchildren. “Putin said Yes, but admitted that he had little time to play with them,” reports CNN, quoting excerpts from the interview.

A Japanese couple had a wedding shoot on the background of the explosion

A Japanese couple had a wedding shoot on the background of the explosion A couple from Japan decided to carry out a blast shooting the wedding. They left in the quarry near the settlement Iwafune and set up a fireworks show with a real Bang. It is reported by Mashable. For the implementation of the plan the pair contacted the company Cosnavi that specializiruetsya on the cosplay. The survey was done dozens of employees, they brought in the place of expensive equipment. The cost of implementing the shooting was not reported. The couple purchased a fairly cheap wedding dresses, because they were prepared for the fact that clothes will get dirty during the filming. A man and a woman stood in the background of the quarry, where a powerful explosion occurred. However, they never moved. Itself the solemn ceremony took place in 2015, but not for the reasons the couple

Chuck berry was released posthumous album

Chuck berry was released posthumous album Chuck berry was released posthumous album, called CHUCK. Studio album was the first since 1979. It included songs recorded with the family of the musician, and guitarist Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and singer Nathaniel Ratliffe. About it reports The Guardian. Some of the songs were created in 80-e years. During his career he released 20 Studio albums. In the last 40 years, berry has devoted more attention to live performances. The musician died 18 March 2017 at the age of 90 years. Some songs from the new album uploaded on the YouTube channel of the singer.

In the South-East of Turkey car bomb exploded

Three people were injured in the explosion of a car bomb in the province of Batman, located in the South-East of Turkey. On Friday, June 9 Reuters. The explosion occurred near a checkpoint of the gendarmerie. Among the victims, two soldiers and a civilian. While none of the groups has claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, local authorities stated that the explosion — the handiwork of the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK). In the province of Batman had previously carried out operations against the PKK. Since 1984, the PKK is waging an armed struggle for political rights of Kurds in Turkey and the establishment of Kurdish autonomy in its composition. The truce between the Turkish government and the Kurds was terminated in July of 2015. The reason for the resumption of the active phase of the confrontation was a terrorist attack in the town of Suruç, when 32

In Bulgaria, a military helicopter crashed in the Black sea

During military exercises near the Bulgarian city of Varna fell helicopter of the Bulgarian air force. It is reported by the Dnes. The accident occurred when performing training and combat tasks. Three members of the crew were lifted from the water on Board approached the crash site, ships of the Navy of the country. The crew commander captain George Atanasov is in critical condition, the other two pilots received injuries of moderate severity. They are all taken to the hospital. On April 19 in the fall of the Greek military helicopter killed four people. The accident occurred in a remote mountainous area in the North of the country. The helicopter made planned flight around the border. 20 September 2016 in the area of Thessaloniki, crashed attack helicopter of the Greek air force Apache. Both pilots survived.

Tillerson called on to ease the blockade of Qatar

Rex Tillerson U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson urged Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to ease the blockade of Qatar, which can lead to unintended humanitarian consequences and affect the struggle of the coalition of the United States with banned terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG). On Friday, June 9, according to Reuters. “We expect that these countries (which joined the blockade of Qatar is approx. “Of the tape.ru”) will take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation and will make every effort to resolve the claims, which are to each other,” said Tillerson told reporters. 5 June Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE announced the rupture of diplomatic relations with Qatar. They accused Doha of destabilizing the political situation in these Arab States as well as in support of terrorist organizations, including prohibited in Russia groups “Islamic state” and al-Qaida. On the same day to four Arab countries joined

Polonskaya has published the documents in the apartment in Donetsk

Natalia Poklonskaya The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya has published documents proving that the apartment, which appears in the organization Transparency International, belongs to another person. Pictures of documents, the MP has posted on his page in Facebook on Friday, June 9. “So, I Express masters-grant-from “transparency international” the deepest respect for the thorough investigation and almost sincere gratitude for the enthusiasm to increase my dowry. But, unfortunately, the landlady in Donetsk not too happy about this turn,” wrote Taylor. The owner of this apartment with an area of 29.9 square meters on the street Rimsky-Korsakov, according to the MP, is the Dubrovskaya Natalya Vladimirovna born in 1974, which “refused to hand over the keys to the new “owners”, but kindly agreed to provide the original documents for his property”. According to these data, Russia may not be the owner of the apartment in Donetsk, as she was

In Moscow held the first festival of national sports

Festival of national sports “Russian world” will be held in the Park area of the Museum and exhibition complex “New Jerusalem” Istra situated near Moscow. This was reported by “Moscow today”, Friday, June 9. The event, which will be held June 10, master classes and competitions in ethnic sports. In addition, competitions in judo, Sambo, army hand-to-hand combat, wrestling girdles, cock fighting and other national martial arts of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). There also will install the mobile site the all-Russian sports complex TRP, where it will be possible to meet standards. Special guest entertainment will be the group “Earthlings”, says the publication. May 25, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gave the definition of national sports and ranked them combat hopak. The draft on amendments to the law “On physical culture and sport” was adopted on second reading and in General at the plenary session of

After the date of adoption by the state Duma of the law on the renovation

Vyacheslav Volodin The law on the renovation of housing in Moscow can be passed by the Parliament on 14 June. The date of the third reading of a document called the speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, reports RIA Novosti. On Friday, June 9, the bill passed second reading. In the updated version of the document says that the renovation programme will include houses built on standard projects 1957-1968 years, nine floors, as well as “apartment houses of the first period of industrial housing, similar in characteristics of constructive elements of apartment buildings”. Demolition can only get in those homes, where such decision is supported by more than two thirds of the owners. Earlier it was reported that Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has proposed to include in the bill a provision limiting the ability to expand the lists of houses to be demolished under the program of

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine said about the readiness to introduce a visa regime with Russia

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine said about the readiness to introduce a visa regime with Russia The Ukrainian foreign Ministry is ready to introduce visa regime with Russia if such a decision is made. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin, reports “112. Ukraine”. Klimkin also expressed the view that the introduction of visas is not enough and want tighter controls. “I believe that even the introduction of a visa regime in the context of control of who comes from Russia, we know very little. We have to introduce biometric passports, but then more and control of those who come”, he said. Calls to introduce a visa regime with Russia has repeatedly sounded from the Ukrainian authorities. In October 2016 the proposal in Parliament by the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy. However, it was opposed by the largest faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”.