The defense Ministry will register a brand

Photo: RIA Novosti The company “Voentorg” has filed an application to Rospatent for registration of brands “Polite bears”, “the army delicious” and “the Russians are coming,” said TASS in the press service of the company. Previously, the firm has patented the brand “Polite people” and “Tank biathlon”. Internet-shop “Voentorg” you can already buy a box of sweets and t-shirts “Polite bears” in two colors. The press service did not specify how you intend to use the slogans “the army is delicious” and “Russian go”. JSC “Voentorg” was created by order of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation in 2009. In addition to selling clothes and Souvenirs with symbols of the Russian army, the company has been catering the military, and in 2016 is the only supplier of the clothing service of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. The phrase “the Russians are coming” was used extensively in

Putin in conversation with the stone called the strategic goal of the Russian authorities

Photo: Reuters The primary task facing Russian authorities is the strengthening of the country and not an attempt to justify and to convince foreign observers of the democratic state the political system. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said in a film interview by American Director Oliver stone, shown on Showtime. The words of the head of state leads TASS on Friday, June 16. “Do you think our goal is that we need someone to prove something? Our goal is to strengthen their country”, — said Putin. So he responded to stone’s assertion that the next presidential elections in Russia are unlikely to be recognized by the democratic West, if only the country will not invite international observers and the electoral process will not be “truly transparent”. A replica of the filmmaker that “this argument [the unwillingness to prove] dangerous, because those who abuse power, always talking about survival,” the

The Ministry of defence reported about the situation in the areas of de-escalation in Syria

Photo: Sputnik / Vanessa Beeley The situation in the areas of de-escalation in Syria is stable, Russia in the Commission on the truce during the day, recorded 11 violations of the ceasefire, Turkey — 10, mentioned in the newsletter of the defense Ministry. “The situation in the areas of de-escalation is estimated as stable. The Russian part of the mission of the joint Russian-Turkish Commission on consideration of issues related to the violations of the cessation of hostilities, a day recorded 11 cases of fire in the provinces: the Damascus – five, Daraa – one, Hama – Latakia, three and two. The Turkish part of the mission recorded 10 violations, including in the provinces: the Damascus – five, Daraa or two, Hama – HOMS one and two”, – stated in the text of the Bulletin. It is noted that most cases of indiscriminate firing of small arms established in the

Efimova won the tournament in France with a personal record

Yuliya Efimova Russian swimmer Yuliya Efimova won the 100 meters breaststroke at the stage of the tournament “Mare Nostrum” in France. About it the correspondent “”. Her time was 1 minute of 4.82 seconds which is a personal record of 25-year-old girl. The second was the representative of the Sweden’s Jennie Johansson (1.06,79), third Australian Jessica Hansen (1.07,06). Shown Efimova time was the best result of the season in the world, a record of Russia and the third result in history. Faster distance was overcome only by the representative of Lithuania Ruta Malachite (1.04,35) and American Jessica hardy (1.04,45). Thus, Efimova has improved own record set June 14 at the stage of the “Mare Nostrum” in Barcelona. Then she finished first in the 100 meters breaststroke, having shown time 1 minute of 5.66 seconds.

Bastrykin has demanded to transfer the case on “drunk boy” in the Investigative Committee

Alexander Bastrykin The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin has instructed the head of the Main investigation Department of the Ministry of the Moscow region to ask the Prosecutor to transmit to the manufacture criminal case about resonant road accident in Balashikha. This was reported on the website of the UK. April 23, in Sochi, 31-year-old Olga beneficial for the Hyundai Solaris in the yard was hit by the boy. In June, the investigator called the boy’s father and presented the conclusion it is judicial-medical examination which had established that in the blood of his son in an accident, found 2.7 per Mille of alcohol. After that, the parents appealed to the Investigation Committee. “The Chairman of the Investigative Committee instructed the head of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region to ask the public Prosecutor of Moscow region on the transfer of investigators from the criminal

European Commission President proposed to hold a farewell ceremony for the MCPFE

Jean-Claude Juncker European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has proposed holding a European farewell ceremony for the deceased former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl. He said this in comments to the German newspaper Bild. “During the life of Col, was awarded the honorary citizenship of Europe. So now you should also give him credit, after a European farewell ceremony, which I offer,” — said the politician. “Kohl was a German Europeans and European Germans. He formed the fate and history of this continent, uniting the people of the East and the West,” said Juncker, adding that “this was his special mission.” Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the views of Kohl on the future relations between Russia and Germany, Russia and Europe not only made a big impression on him, “but also to some extent to a large extent changed my own perspective on these processes.” Helmut Kohl, died

Putin spoke about the study of relevant documents only in the original

Oliver stone and Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone said that the right documents are always studying in the original. The words of the head of state quoted by the Agency RIA Novosti, familiar with the book-the transcript of the interview, which was released in the U.S. on Friday, June 16. “I don’t read summaries. I always read the documents — the originals. I never use Analytics, which provide me with intelligence. I always read individual documents,” — said the President. Putin also said that never yells at people. First, stone asked the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov: “Dmitry, he yells at you?”. “No, never,” — said Peskov. Putin also confirmed that “never cries”. “Because when you scream you can’t hear. You need to get the people heard. But if you scream, if you increase your tone, then people

Putin called useful the presence of the opposition among MPs in the regions

Vladimir Putin The presence of representatives of the opposition among MPs in the regions helps to make informed decisions. This opinion was expressed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to the presenter of the program “Vesti on Saturday” Sergey Brilev, reports Вести.Ru. “Sometimes it makes sense, because if we are talking about the composition of the municipal Assembly, it is always useful to have in Parliament people who Express an alternative point of view”, — said the head of state in response to the question about whether the existing governors “share” votes by representatives from opposition parties, if those don’t have the votes for a municipal filter (gathering sufficient numbers of signatures necessary for participation in presidential elections in the region — approx. “Of the”). The Russian leader noted that such a provision would “weigh the decision, to hear different points of view and come to the

The date and place of burial of the Deputy of the Duma Oleg Grishchenko

The funeral of the Deputy of the State Duma Oleg Grishchenko will be held on Monday, June 19, in Saratov. About it RIA Novosti was informed in the regional government. On the death of 50-year-old parliamentarian was known on Saturday morning, June 17. It was reported that the Deputy died after a long illness. Grishchenko were represented in the Duma “United Russia”, and before that he worked as mayor of Saratov (2006 to 2016). In the state Duma worked in the Committee on the Federal device and questions of local government.

In the crash of a ferry in Massachusetts, injured 18 people

In the crash of a ferry in Massachusetts, injured 18 people When entering the vessel in the port, the ferry for unclear reasons crashed into a pier, with the result that he got hit. NEW YORK, June 17. /Offset. TASS Kirill Volkov/. At least 18 people were injured in the crash of a passenger ferry in the U.S. city of Hyannis Port (Massachusetts). This was announced on Saturday the head of the city fire Department Dean Melanson. 18 people injured after high-speed ferry strikes jetty#USA #Massachusetts Via CBSNews — (@weblogyhamburg) 17 Jun 2017 According to him, the crash happened when entering the vessel in a local port, when it for unknown reasons, crashed into a pier. The result is a ferry ran aground and was holed. On Board were more than 50 passengers and crew members, all of them were successfully evacuated. A total of 18 people were injured,