The defense Ministry announced the killing of the leader of the IG

Photo: Militant video, File The Ministry of defense of Russia checks the information on liquidation of the leader of banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is supposedly killed in an airstrike Russia in Syria 28 may, RIA Novosti reported. Earlier it was reported that, according to the assumptions of American and Iraqi soldiers, the leader of the group can be in the region of al-Baad. May 11, media reported that the terrorist was killed in an airstrike. May 28, aviation videoconferencing struck at the point where, according to intelligence reports, were leaders of the banned organization. At the meeting they planned to discuss ways out of Raqqa. It was reported about the elimination of commanders who were part of the military Council of ISIS. They also destroyed about 30 of the warlords and about 300 terrorists. Earlier media have repeatedly published information on the elimination of

The Afghan soldier wounded four American soldiers

Soldiers of the military of Afghanistan American soldiers were injured in the incident at camp Shaheen in Northern Afghanistan killed among them. It is reported TASS with reference to the representative carried out in this country the international operations of U.S. forces and NATO. Earlier on June 17, the Afghan TV station Tolo News said that at least four foreign soldiers were wounded in an attack by soldiers of the armed forces of Afghanistan. According to representatives of the Afghan authorities, the assailant was eliminated. On June 11 in Nangarhar province in the East of the Afghan soldiers fighting on the side of the coalition forces shot and killed three American troops. The assailant was killed by return fire, the cause of the incident is unknown. In March 2017, an Afghan soldier fired at the military personnel of the U.S. armed forces at a NATO base, located in the southern

When the ship hit a pier in Italy injured 55 people

In the port on the Italian island of Ischia, the ship collided with the pier. It has affected 55 people. On it informs Agency Ansa. At the hospital, said that the passengers of the ship to a private company Medmar received minor injuries. Mainly affected was diagnosed with bruises, contusions and abrasions. In addition, the hospital representative said that at the moment of collision the passengers were preparing for a descent from the ship and are unable to stay on his feet. One of the victims reported that after the collision the ship began to panic. In April it was reported that the ferry, with 120 passengers on Board crashed into a pier on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). The result was a damaged pipeline through which the fuel is to refuel, which led to the leak.

Police admitted the death of 58 people in a fire in London home

The death toll in a fire in a London high-rise building Grenfell Tower can increase by up to 58 people. This situation made the representative of Scotland yard Stuart Kandy, reports Reuters. “58 people, which to our knowledge was in Grenfell Tower that night, missing. Sadly, I can’t rule out that they are dead,” he said. According to the official information of the police of London is now listed as dead 30 people. In hospitals there are 24 people, 12 of them in serious condition. The authorities have promised to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident. Evacuees temporarily housed in nearby aid centers, mosques and churches. A fire in a 24-storey residential building in the British capital began on the night of 14 June. The building burned down almost completely. Most of the tenants are immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. British media reported that the developer repair

Accepting with the head of 50 thousand rubles for the trip the taxi driver apologized

Our driver in Moscow, who took a Chilean journalist 50 thousand rubles for travel from Domodedovo airport to the hotel in the centre of the city, returned to the victim’s money and apologized. On Saturday, June 17, “Interfax” reported in a press-service of the main Directorate of the interior Ministry in the capital. “Citizen of the Republic of Chile Diego Gaspar Saez Miranda returned spent for travel to and from Domodedovo airport to the hotel is 50 thousand rubles,” — said the police. On the eve it became known about detention of the taxi driver — the inhabitant of Moscow region. He testified, against him criminal case under part 2 of article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud upon receipt of payments”). Employee Radio Chili arrived in Moscow on Friday, June 16, to illuminate the confederations Cup. Initially he paid to the carrier 60 thousand rubles for the fact that

The liberal democratic party proposed to give men a free ride on father’s Day

Boris Chernyshov For the consideration of the State Duma plan to introduce a bill that proposes to amend article 112 of the Labour code “Nonworking days and holidays” and to establish father’s Day as an official holiday. On Saturday, June 17, RIA Novosti said the initiator of the bill the Deputy from LDPR Boris Chernyshov. According to the document, the holiday will be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This day public transport for all men are invited to make free. In his opinion, this will strengthen family ties, “when men will rush home to their families, children, friends”. “Father’s day in Russia has long deserved recognition as an official holiday, as this holiday promotes family relationships and enhances the status of fatherhood in society. He should be one of the most important holidays in Russia that increase men’s self-esteem”, — said Chernyshov. According to the survey of the

Putin spoke about the serious impact of the Kohl’s

Vladimir Putin and Helmut Kohl, 2006 Russian President Vladimir Putin said that former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl had a big influence on him. The words of Putin, reports RIA Novosti. “I’ve known him since the early 1990-ies, were extensively present during his conversation with the mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak. And then there were several meetings, we have met many times in different capacities. For me, the first conversation made a very strong impression — very strong,” said the Russian leader. According to him, the views of Kohl on the future relations between Russia and Germany, Russia and Europe impressed him. “They not only made a great impression on me, but to some extent to a large extent changed my own perspective on these processes. I saw a very deep and thorough in their judgments of the person”, — said Putin. On Friday, June 16, Kohl died at his

After a fire in a London high-rise missing are 58 people

After a fire in a London high-rise missing are 58 people LONDON, June 17 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Kopylova. The number of missing in a fire in a high rise building in West London is 58 people, told journalists the representative of police of London Stewart Kandy. 10фотографий10фотографий10фотографий “Unfortunately, currently (has — ed) 58 missing that night in Grenfell Tower, and which, presumably, was killed,” said Kandy. According to him, among the missing included 30 fatalities reported earlier. Kandy noted that these people were in the house the night of the fire and, presumably, they all died. A fire in a 24-storey social apartment house in a not very prosperous area of London — North Kensington — occurred in the night of Wednesday. Killed at least 30 people (the media say about 70), 24 of the injured are in hospitals, 12 of them are in critical condition. According to firefighters,

Show “Aviamix” near Voronezh was visited by 15 thousand people

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Russia expects progress on Syria in Geneva on 10 July, after Astana and Hamburg

Mikhail Bogdanov © Valery sharifulin/TASS MOSCOW, June 17. /TASS/. Russia hopes for progress in inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva on 10 July after the events in Astana and Hamburg. This was stated on Saturday by TASS, the Russian President’s special envoy on the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. “We announced the date of the next round in Geneva, hope that the parties will participate,” – said the diplomat. “So this meeting will be held after the contacts on Syria in Astana, we hope, and the summit in Hamburg, where also can be some substantive discussions and contacts that are useful for inter-Syrian settlement,” – said Bogdanov. He confirmed that Moscow hopes for a meeting on Syria in Astana on July 4-5. “Yes, we offered these dates, and everything seems to be welcomed,” said Deputy foreign Minister. “But the host of our Kazakh partners, he added. – We

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